Wilson Staff Triton DVD Driver: What You Need To Know

wilson staff triton dvd driver sole

The Wilson Staff Triton DVD driver was born in the inaugural season of the Golf Channel “Driver vs Driver” show. The show features teams competing to create a driver that becomes Wilson’s new driver on the market. The Triton DVD driver emerged from the competition as the winner, hitting shelves in the fall of 2016. This driver has the type of adjustability you’ll find in the latest clubs and adds some unique elements to help your game. You’ll see what I mean.

Wilson Staff Triton DVD driver Features

Center of Gravity (CG) Adjustments

wilson staff triton sole plates

Many drivers feature some sort of system that moves weight to the front or back of the sole, changing trajectory and the CG of the club. The Triton DVD driver takes a unique approach, using removable sole plates, to adjust the CG. The club includes 2 sole plate options to provide different launch characteristics. The Titanium sole plate weighs in at 22 grams, providing higher launch and more spin. The titanium plate lowers the CG, resulting in more forgiveness. The second plate, made of carbon fiber, weighs 9 grams. It produces a more penetrating ball flight and less spin. The lighter weight raises the CG, giving you that lower ball flight. Either plate is held in place with 3 weighted screws, leading us to the Triton DVD’s take on ball flight adjustability.

Ball Flight Adjustments

wilson staff triton dvd weight screws

The driver comes with 4 weight screws; 2 2-gram screws and 2 6-gram screws. The screws are placed in 3 ports on the sole, near the heel, the toe, and the center. The weights give you the ability to move the weight distribution to promote ball flight bias between draw and fade. For example, heavier weight in the heel gives you a draw. Placing more weight in the toe promotes a fade. When you put the heavier weight in the center position, the ball flight raises up. The location and weight combinations add up to a total of 12 settings, allowing you to precisely customize your ball flight.

Loft and Lie Adjustments

wilson staff triton dvd adjustable hosel

An adjustable tip on the shaft lets you adjust the loft and lie of the Triton DVD driver. Wilson opts for simplicity, providing 6 clearly defined settings: standard loft (what’s on the club), +1 degree, and -1 degree. Each of these settings can also be set to standard lie or upright lie (for a draw bias).

Unique Appearance

wilson staff triton dvd crown

Finally, the Triton DVD driver features Swing Active Technology. A gray band runs from front to back of the crown, helping with alignment and swing path. It’s the same width as a golf ball at the front and gradually narrows as it approaches the back of the clubhead. This helps ensure the ball is centered on the club at address and allows you to visualize a proper swing path.


Available now, the Wilson Staff Triton DVD driver brings innovation to the driver market by taking new approaches to the aspects of adjustability.


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