Callaway Epic and Epic Pro Irons: Breaking Boundaries Through Innovation

Epic and Epic Pro Irons

Tasked with creating his “dream iron,” Callaway’s Dr. Alan Hocknell has done just that. The new Callaway Epic and Epic Pro irons are the results of his multi-year project. The project’s goal was to produce an iron using premium materials and ground-breaking processes to deliver a revolutionary club. The design team started by looking at everything that goes into making an iron and how they could improve it. We’ll go over the clubs features from the outside and move inward. After reading about the features and construction of these clubs, you’ll realize how the irons live up to the “Epic” name.

Epic and Epic Pro Irons: Features


Epic irons

Callaway borrows its successful Exo-Cage technology from their woods line and puts it in these irons. The rigid design, also found in the Big Bertha OS irons, lessens energy loss at impact. A process called “energy lensing” increases the vertical stiffness of the irons. In Lehman’s terms, this gives you more ball speed and distance. The design team also made the face extremely thin, coming within 1/1000th of an inch of tolerance. The face is only 1mm thick at it’s thinnest part!

inside Epic irons

Speaking of the face, Callaway uses the latest generation 360 Face Cup technology on these bad boys. Compared to previous generations, the Face Cup is thinner, measuring 1mm thin on the rim. By improving the Face Cup, Callaway is able to increase ball speeds on center hits (read more distance). The new 360 Face Cup also decreases the penalty for mis-hitting, making them more forgiving.

Another improved design feature on the Epic irons is the hollow hosel. We know, crazy right? Making the hosel hollow let the design team move 20 grams of weight to other parts of the head to raise the MOI and forgiveness.

Tungsten Internal Standing Wave

“What more can they do,” you ask? Don’t forget about the inside of the club. Each iron head has a strategically placed tungsten-infused standing wave, giving optimal launch, spin, and feel. The location of the wave is also different in each iron. The wave in long irons places the CG low to get the ball launching high and landing softly. The CG moves progressively higher as you move through the set for more control.

Epic Pro

Epic and Epic Pro irons at address

The Epic Pro irons, left, incorporate all of the features and technology of the Epic irons into a smaller package. The head is slightly smaller overall, has a thinner topline, and less offset than its counterpart. The Epic Pro iron is also the first “Player’s” iron to feature 360 Face Cup technology. As a whole, the Pro iron is more workable, launches a little lower than the Epic, and still has tons of forgiveness. This club is a shotmaker’s dream!

Final Thoughts

The success of the GBB Epic drivers leaves big footsteps to follow in for the Epic and Epic Pro irons. The lengths Callaway has gone through to improve club construction and next-generation features give the irons the tools to do it. They are also available for pre-order now!

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