FootJoy Pro SL – Producing Preferred Performance

A perceived drawback to past spikeless shoes has been their lack of performance, stability, and traction during the golf swing. However, updated models of spikeless golf shoes are changing this view. FootJoy’s latest shoe, the Pro/SL, has performance, stability, and more. Our review reveals how the FootJoy Pro SL  achieves its success, making it the #1 shoe in golf.

FootJoy Pro SL Features

FootJoy found more popularity and success than anticipated with the DryJoys Casual shoes. The company decided to see how it could be improved upon the DryJoy’s success. Before we really dive in, it’s important to stress that the Pro/SL is not a successor to the DryJoys Casual. As a replacement, the FootJoy Pro SL adds more performance to a shoe while maintaining the best parts of the DryJoy Casual.


footjoy pro sl upper

Have you ever had a leather shoe feel less stable as you break it in? FootJoy’s first priority in designing the Pro/SL addresses this issue. The Pro/SL uses a higher tensile strength leather in the upper, called ChromoSkin. The material is lightweight, durable and completely waterproof! Adding to the stability is an X-shaped leather panel by the ankle on each side of the shoe. As you tighten the laces, force is applied to the X-shape, keeping your foot in place.


footjoy pro sl

In the sole, FootJoy uses two different types of Fine Tune Foam (FTF) to provide comfort and stability. The upper FTF is softer, providing comfort while the lower layer helps to create additional stability.  The outer layer also extends slightly beyond the edge of the shoes, giving lateral support as your weight transitions during the swing.

The TPU traction unit on the bottom of the shoe features a unique grid of mini spikes, setting the shoe apart. The traction elements perform better on firm courses as the spikes get further into the grass. When you play in soft conditions, the mini spikes don’t get clogged up with damp grass, keeping your feet firmly in place.

Overall Fit and Comfort

footjoy pro sl

The forefoot and instep of the Pro/SL have a standard fit. The heel is slightly narrower, keeping your heel from sliding up when you walk or swing. FootJoy designers put weight on the perimeter of the outsole of the Pro/SL. Placing weight there improves comfort and stability.

Tieing The Laces On This Review

A large number of Tour players are switching to the Pro/SL, making it the #1 show on Tour. This trend is the final confirmation of the advancements FootJoy has made in the casual, spikeless golf shoe. The comfort and stability of the sole and strength and flexibility of the upper set it apart from its rivals. You don’t have to take our word for it, though. Try a pair for yourself and discover the difference. The Pro/SL is available now, in the traditional lace-up and BOA lacing system.

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