JP Wedges: The Ultimate Wedge Fitting Experience

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Anyone in the market for new wedges recently knows first hand how hard finding the right one can be. A number of lofts, bounces, and grinds are offered by most manufacturers. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could go to a top-notch facility and get 3 wedges custom-made specifically for you? Purchase the new JP wedges by Titleist and you get just that! We grind over the details on these ultra-premium wedges, showing you what sets them apart.

JP Wedges – The Full Story

The beginning

James Patrick, “JP,” Harrington is a renowned wedge designer who started working with Titleist in 2013. Never afraid to try new things, he has worked over the years to come up with these custom wedges. JP wedges were developed over years of testing and validation. Harrington determined the construction of each wedge using the highest quality materials and techniques.

Before getting into the details of the wedges, it’s only fair to disclose the cost of this dream fitting. A premium $2000 price tag gets you a one-on-one, 3-hour fitting session with JP at the Titleist Performance Institute. During your fitting, JP looks at everything regarding your wedge play. Among the tools he uses to determine your perfect wedge setup are high-speed photography and a Trackman launch monitor. After your fitting, 3 wedges are hand-built by Harrington, to your exact specifications. Additional wedges are also available for purchase.

The Body

jp wedges Exploded view

The heads of JP wedges have 3  main pieces. Each wedge starts with a forged 1025 Carbon steel body, CNC milled for ultimate precision. The second element is JP’s signature tungsten weight. This high-density tungsten weight moves the CG toward the center of the face, creating a solid feel and distance control. A titanium backplate finishes the clubhead, offering strategic weight savings. The backplate uses more tungsten, fine tuning the CG and increasing forgiveness.

The Sole

jp wedges camber

The soles of JP wedges feature an aggressive heel to toe relief. Sole curvature in every direction provides more efficient turf interaction, reducing drag in the heel and toe through impact. The unique Multi-Directional Camber is created with a precision contour milled sole. Every wedge set has a consistent bounce progression throughout, providing more forgiveness while maintaining versatility.

The Finishing Touches

jp wedges progressive cg

Perhaps the most interesting quality of JP wedges is the CG location. When designing the wedges, Harrington moved the CG closer to the center of the clubface, creating a solid feel and increasing energy transfer. Progressive Flatline CG puts the location at the same height on all 3 wedges, giving a consistent impact position. Distance control, feedback, and feel are also improved by this design.

The club is finished off with a custom, lightweight grip. The weight of the grip maintains the swing weight characteristics of a conventional grip despite being slightly longer. This characteristic is crucial in the club’s feel. The grip also doesn’t taper, reducing tension in the lower hand and further helping feel.

For further customization, you can choose a paint-fill color and have up to 20 characters stamped around the toe in JP’s signature style.


JP wedges offer you the opportunity to have high-performance wedges customized and hand-built for you. If you’re a golfer looking for the ultimate in customized wedge performance, all roads lead to California and these wedges.

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Rudi Fann has been a Class “A” member of the PGA of America since 2008. He began his career in 1998 as the Assistant Golf Professional at Wake Forest Golf Club in Wake Forest, NC. In 2002, Rudi accepted a similar position at Rio Mar Country Club in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico. He spent a year there before moving to Nipomo, CA where he worked at Blacklake Golf Resort. Over the next 10 years, he worked his way from Assistant Golf Professional to Head Golf Professional and finally Director of Golf Operations. In his time at Blacklake, Rudi devoted much of his time to running tournaments and other activities in order to create a social atmosphere at the club. After Blacklake, Rudi spent one year as Head Golf Professional at Paso Robles Golf Club before deciding to return home to North Carolina. Since returning to North Carolina, Rudi has worked with the First Tee of the Triangle helping to instill life skills and core values through the game of golf to local youth.