3 Tips For Playing Golf in Hot Weather

playing golf in hot weather

Now that Summer and its heat waves are here, the decision of playing golf in hot weather becomes a bit more involved. Temperatures of 100-plus degrees keep most golfers off of the course. However, when you decide to brave hotter conditions, use these 3 things to make the round more tolerable.

Tips For Playing Golf In Hot Weather


What you wear when playing golf in hot weather is important. You want something that keeps you cool and lets you play your best. We’ll start from the top and move down. Many of today’s shirts are made of extremely breathable fabrics that move air in and moisture out, keeping you cool.  This is very important, especially in humid conditions. Air movement helps sweat evaporate which is critical in keeping the body cool. When choosing pants or shorts, breathable and lightweight fabrics, again, work best.

In the battle against sun exposure, wearing a hat goes a long way towards keeping the sun off of your face and neck. Going with something like the Dorfman Pacific Soaker hat adds the ability to dip the hat in cold water prior to putting it on. Look for a shirt that has built in UV protection, like this Oakley Element 2.0, to block harmful rays.  Finally, sunscreen is vital to protecting yourself. SPF 30 or above is recommended for the best protection.


water cooler

Dehydration is a major concern when playing golf in hot weather. Make sure to drink plenty of water prior to arriving at the course so that you’re fully hydrated prior to the start of your round. There’s no catching up once your round starts. I like to keep a large bottle of water with me, making sure to take a couple of drinks between each shot to stay hydrated. If you’re able to play 9 holes with no need to use the restroom, you’re already dehydrated.

If you like to enjoy other beverages during our round, the need to drink water increases. Alcohol works to dehydrate you on its own. Throw hours in the sun on top of that and things to get out of hand quickly. A 1:1 ratio of cups of water to alcohol drinks is the key to staying hydrated and not getting into trouble.

Slow Down and Seek Shade

When temperatures are really high, it’s a good there aren’t many people on the course. Slow down and take your time in-between shots. There’s no need to rush. Any chance you get, find a shady spot to park the cart or wait while your playing partners hit their shots. Between nines, take some extra time in the air conditioning prior to heading out to the 10th tee.

Quick Review For Playing Golf In Hot Weather

  • Dress for success: Light, moisture-wicking fabrics are the best choice. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen too!
  • Hyrdate, Hydrate, Hydrate: Drinking too much water is never a problem
  • Take your time: Slow your pace and find shade whenever you can

Playing golf in hot weather can still be quite enjoyable. With the right preparation and mindset, you may find it to be one of your favorite times to play and have some of your best rounds.

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