3 Tips To Improve Your Mental Golf Game

mental golf game

It’s often said that 98% of the game of golf is played between the ears. In other words, the mental aspect of the game can have the largest effect on your final score. With that in mind, what are some things you can do mentally to help lower your scores? Here are 3 tips to help improve your mental golf game.

Mental Golf Game Tips

1. Create and Stick to a Routine

One of the biggest things you can do is to create a pre-shot routine and stick to it. The key to consistent golf is to make a consistent swing every time. This all starts with the pre shot routine. If you prepare for every swing the same way, the chances of swinging the club the same way greatly increase. This also helps to put you in the same frame of mind each time. What your routine is is not all that important, the key is to do it every time.

Also, along with a practice or practice swings, you want to add some sort of visualization to your routine. See the perfect shot in your mind before you execute it. During practice swings, note that the main purpose is to get moving, loosen back up, and relax. Don’t focus on the technical aspects of making the perfect swing during your practice swing. I see too many people take practice swings until they make one they feel is perfect. You’re better off taking a specific number of practice swings with the club well off the ground. Again, you are just trying to loosen up and relax.

2. Have A Short Memory

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Next, learning to forget a bad shot is crucial. We all hit bad shots during a round, there is no way around that. A lack of hitting a bad shot doesn’t make a great golfer, the shot hit after the bad one does. Find a thought or series of thoughts to go through after hitting a bad shot that clears your mind prior to trying to hit the next shot. Too many times, after a bad shot, a golfer rushes to hit the next shot out of frustration. This often results in another bad shot and the domino effect kicks in. Also, when looking at the next shot, don’t try to overcompensate and hit a miracle recovery shot.  As the old saying goes, take your medicine and move on.

3. Be realistic

Finally, perhaps the most important thing to do is to be realistic in your expectations before and during your round. If you’re a 20-handicap player and happen to be 2 under after 4 holes, don’t suddenly get disappointed if you make a couple of bogeys in a row. Appreciate the unexpected success as opposed to suddenly expecting every hole to be that way.  3 great holes during a round with the rest being average can easily translate into a personal best score. However, if you start to expect too much, you can just as quickly have 4 bad holes to follow by pushing too hard.


Use these tips to improve your mental golf game and your scores will drop and become more consistent in no time.

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