4 Features Of The Srixon 4th Generation Q STAR

4th gen Q STAR

Srixon has released its 4th generation of the Q STAR golf ball. The ball, fit for all swing types, packs tour-level technology in an affordable package. The following are 4 features you need to know about the latest Srixon Q STAR golf ball.

Srixon 4th Generation Q STAR Features

1. Tour-Level Construction

q star construction

The Q STAR is a 2-piece golf ball. “How can a 2-piece ball deliver such high-performance,” you ask? It starts with the durable ionomer cover. This cover produces the distance on full shots you’d expect from a 2-piece ball. The difference is seen around the green. The cover produces excellent spin around the green thanks to the next key feature.

2. 3rd Generation Spin Skin

q star spin skin

If you remember from our review of the tour-level Srixon Z STAR and Z STAR XV, the new Spin Skin technology gives you better spin from all lies. The coating stretches across more of the club face to create that spin around the green.

3. Dimple Pattern

The new Q STAR has an aerodynamic 338 Speed dimple pattern. This is the same pattern that’s on the Z STAR and Z STAR. This pattern gives the ball its distance, producing a penetrating ball flight that cuts through the wind like a hot knife through butter. Now, let’s take a look inside the ball.

4. Low-Compression E.G.G. Core


Inside the ball is Srixon’s latest E.G.G. core, which stands for Energetic Gradient Growth. The E.G.G. core, also found in the Z STAR, allows you to easily compress the ball with the driver for distance. The core also combines with Spin Skin to give you that spin around the green. The 75 compression rating is great for the moderate swinger and faster swingers will still benefit.

Try and See

The 4th generation Srixon Q STAR ball is available now. You can choose from either a traditional white or “Tour Yellow” color. Try them for yourself and experience the tour-level performance these golf balls deliver.

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