Curing Your Putting Yips Courtesy of Dirty Larry Golf

dirty larry golf

If you’ve ever had the yips (or if you’ve ever missed a few short, makeable putts in a row) your mind is typically in overdrive. You’re frightened and frozen standing over anything inside of 10 feet.  You’re afraid to pull the putter back because of what your buddies will think when you miss the next one. If you want to find your confidence again over these putts, give this a quick read. You won’t regret it.

Dave Nastalski

I am a PGA member and CEO + Founder of Dirty Larry Golf. Dirty Larry Golf was founded on the principles of simplifying the complex motions of the golf swing with easy-to-use, intuitive products and instruction. Our keystone invention, the Navigator Putting Aid has been endorsed on the PGA Tour, and supported by many of the most talented and well-respected instructors in the world.