How Do Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedges Improve Your Short Game?

Cleveland smart sole 3 wedges

Cleveland wedges have a long history of helping players of all skill levels become better around the green. The new Cleveland Smart Sole 3 wedges continue that tradition. Each of the 2 models has the latest technology used by the company, increasing their forgiveness and playability. In this review, we look closer at each model, what they’re designed for, and how they get the job done.

Cleveland Smart Sole 3 Wedges

Models and Their Technology

Cleveland Smart Sole 3 wedges provide the ultimate in forgiveness and ease of use. They help get you out of the bunker and hit chip shots close from around the green. The Smart Sole 3 S model is perfect for bunker shots. The Smart Sole 3 C model is the ultimate chipper for around the green bump and runs.

smart sole 3 feel balance

Both models feature Cleveland’s “Feel Balancing Technology,” which brings the CG closer to the center of the clubface by redistributing weight from the hosel to the toe of the club. This produces tighter shot dispersion and better feel on all shots.

smart sole 3 tier sole

What does the “3” in the model name mean? It refers to the 3-tiered sole, built for maximum forgiveness. It consists of 3 distinct activation pads that promote fast, easy turf interaction. As you open up the club, the middle and back tiers (away from the club face) engage, helping the club get through the turf.

Smart Sole 3 S

smart sole 3 s

The Smart Sole 3 S model has an optimized loft of 58 degrees. The loft makes getting out of even the most difficult bunkers easier by launching the ball high to clear the lip without having to open the face. Not only is this club great out of the sand, it also works extremely well from any lie around the green.

Smart Sole 3 C

smart sole 3 c

The Smart Sole 3 C model continues in Cleveland’s successful line of chippers, used by so many over the years for bump and run shots. The club lets you hit shots without complicated set ups and club adjustments. The wide sole helps to prevent the dreaded “chunk” or “blade” mishit. The C model promises easy, crisp contact every time. The C also features a shorter club length and more upright lie angle. With this setup, you can strike the ball with more of a putting stroke while getting the ball in the air thanks to the 42 degrees of loft.


Both Cleveland Smart Sole 3 wedges are available now in steel and graphite. Get yours today for the ultimate in greenside confidence.

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