Meet The Cobra F Max Woods

cobra f max woods

The new Cobra F Max woods¬†come to the market with one goal in mind. These clubs are designed to help the moderate swinging golfer get the most out of their drivers and fairway woods. Lighter weights, bigger grips, and other features combine to help swing the club faster, improve forgiveness and keep you comfortable doing it. It’s time to meet these clubs, getting to know what they have to offer the moderate swinger.

Cobra F Max Woods


The Cobra F Max driver has weight in the heel, giving it a draw bias. There is also more weight in the back of the driver. As you’ll see with any driver, more weight in the back places the CG in a place that launches the ball higher. It also makes the driver more stable, increasing the MOI and forgiveness.

f max driver models

The driver comes in 2 different models. One is offset and one is not. The offset head, along with the draw-bias weight are perfect for right-hand golfers that miss right (and to the left for the lefties).

f max driver alignment

Another great feature is the alignment aid on the crown of the club. Two tracks, about the width of a golf ball, run perpendicular to the club face. This wide “track” makes proper setup at address very easy, leading to straighter shots.

f max driver face

Speaking of the club face, it is made of forged 6-4 titanium that also adds to forgiveness. The metal is strong, producing faster ball speeds on shots that miss the sweet spot, meaning your distance won’t get penalized.

Here are the available options for the F Max driver:

  • Loft: 9.5, 10.5, 11.5
  • Dexterity: The 10.5 is the only loft that comes in left hand.
  • Shaft: Cobra Superlite 50 – a mid to high launching shaft that is light weight
    • Flex: Lite, Regular, Stiff

Fairway Wood

f max fairway wood crown

The Cobra F Max fairway wood shares the majority of technology that’s in the driver. It’s ultralight, has the same alignment aid on the crown, and is offset with heel-weight bias. The Cobra Superlite 60 shaft is slightly heavier than the driver shaft and produces a mid-to-high launch. The shaft is available in Lite, Regular, and Stiff flex.

f max fairway wood face

The 455 stainless steel forged face also produces fast ball speeds across the entire face. Similar to the driver, this metal adds to the forgiveness of the fairway wood.

Right and left-hand players can choose from a 3W, 5W, or 7W.


The F Max woods give forgiveness and help moderate swingers swing faster for distance. If you are in this category, take the comfortable, midsize grip in hand and give these clubs a rip on August 18, when they become available.

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