What’s New On The FootJoy FreeStyle 2.0

footjoy freestyle 2.0

FootJoy has come out with the next generation of their popular Freestyle line, the FootJoy Freestyle 2.0. Give the new shoe a quick glance and you would think there isn’t anything different with it. A closer look reveals FootJoy brings back much of the features from the inaugural Freestlye shoe, adding style upgrades to the Freestyle 2.0. In this review, we’ll refresh your memory on the features and introduce you to what’s new.

FootJoy Freestyle 2.0 Features


The upper of the FootJoy Freestyle 2.0 has a familiar look to the previous generation Freestyle. Made of a waterproof, lightweight mesh, it’s breathable to keep your feet cool. The mesh also moves with your feet during your swing.

footjoy freestyle 2.0 blue

The trademark Tongue-Lok instep grip system also returns in the Freestyle 2.0. If you remember, this system places grip in a key area of the shoe, under the tongue. The Tongue-Lok system keeps your foot from slipping while you swing.

The insole of the Freestyle 2.0 is made of what FootJoy calls a Fitbed with HeelLok. It’s very thick and comfortable, with an area of the heel that offers slip-resistance. This insole is one of the main features that give this shoe it’s out-of-the-box comfort. Your dogs won’t bark after walking a round or 2 in the Freestyle 2.0.

The last feature we’ll highlight on the upper is FootJoy’s trademark InnerSok system. Simply, it is a pad on the back of the shoe that provides support and comfort for your heel and Achilles. This added support also helps keep your foot in place while you swing.


footjoy freestyle 2.0 sole

The sole of the Freestyle 2.0 has the trademark SoftMax molded outsole wrapping around it. As the name suggests, the rubber is soft and has “nubs” (our “technical” term) all over it. These bumps give the bottom grip, keeping you connected to the ground. Six Fast Twist II cleats also give the sole traction. Like the previous Freestyle shoe, 2 cleats are on the heel and 4 cleats surround the area just above the arch.

What’s new on the FootJoy Freestyle 2.0?

footjoy freestyle 2.0 upper

Style is the main difference in the Freestyle 2.0. The toe-box is divided in half by a strip of material that flows nicely up through the tongue, adding visual appeal. The mesh area also extends further back towards the heel on the side of the shoe. Extending the area helps keep more your feet cooler. The “FJ” logo on the side is also redesigned. The outline of the letters is more prominent on the Freestyle 2.0, without being distracting.


The FootJoy Freestyle 2.0 gives you upgraded style in a familiar package. The features that made the previous generation popular are in the 2.0 version. These features make the shoe exceptionally comfortable, flexible, and light.

The Freestyle 2.0 comes in a laced and BOA lacing version and with the company’s 2-year waterproof guarantee.

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