Introducing: Mizuno CLK Hybrids

mizuno CLK hybrids

Consumers of golf equipment understand the importance of being custom fit for their clubs. A good fit ensures proper specs and distance gapping to maximize performance. The Mizuno CLK hybrids epitomize this way of thinking. They’re designed to fill the distance gaps between your longest playable iron and shortest fairway wood. Our review fills you in on the technology Mizuno uses to make the CLK hybrids perform to the level you’d expect from the company.

Mizuno CLK Hybrids


The face of Mizuno CLK hybrids is made with 1770 Maraging Steel. This high-strength steel is a combination of several metals, mainly nickel, cobalt, and titanium. Because of its strength, the face doesn’t need to be made as thick. The thinner face produces faster ball speeds across the entire clubface for more distance.

mizuno clk hybrid wave sole

Take a look at the sole of the CLK hybrid. You’ll notice the new wave sole, towards the club face. Consisting of 3 separate channels, the wave sole flexes at impact for better ball speed. The new design also increases the COR (Coefficient of Restitution) area. This is a fancy way of saying there is less loss of energy at impact. As a result, that energy gets transferred to the golf ball.

Many of the recent Mizuno products, including CLK hybrids, are designed with Harmonic Impact Technology. All of the performance features, along with the shape of the head, are made to give a specific sound at impact. When shots are hit in the sweet spot, the sound is solid and confidence boosting. Shots that are mishit give a different sound. The feedback of sound and feel on mishits help you understand what to work on to get better.


Mizuno CLK hybrids are available in 16-25 degrees (2-5) in 3-degree increments. The Quick switch adapter on each club adjusts the loft up or down 2 degrees, letting you really dial in distance and ball flight. Right-handed players can choose from any of the 4 clubs. Lefites can get the 3 hybrid or 4 hybrid.

mizuno clk hybrids shaft

Customers can choose from 2 premium shafts to put in their CLK hybrid. The stock shaft is the real, after-market Fujikura Speeder Evolution. This shaft produces mid to high ball flight, depending on the flex and ranges from 50-95 grams. If that shaft doesn’t fit your swing, you can get the Fujikura Pro. The Pro also produces a mid to high ball flight based on flex. It also weighs less than the Evolution, ranging from 63-83 grams.


No matter your skill level or swing speed, Mizuno CLK hybrids fit your game. Designed for easy launch and playability from any lie, these hybrids would be a great addition to any bag.

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