Meet the Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons

launcher CBX irons

Cleveland is no stranger to the irons market. They began producing irons in 1993 and, over the years, have released irons for players of all abilities. The Cleveland Launcher CBX irons, the company’s first new iron since 2012, continues the tradition of high-quality products. Some readers may remember the original Launcher and Launcher LP irons. These easy-to-hit game improvement irons launched the ball high and were very forgiving. The Launcher CBX irons are a nod to its predecessors, emblazoned with the latest technology. Without further ado, here’s what you need to know about the Launcher CBX irons.

Cleveland Launcher CBX Irons: Notable Features

Launcher Cup Technology

cbx irons launcher-cup-face

As the “Launcher” name suggests, CBX irons give you more ball speed. Launcher Cup Technology, found on the 4 iron through the 7 iron, wraps the face around the head. The “U-shaped” face is attached to the club head with high-strength steel. The resulting stability and strength let engineers make the face thinner to increase ball speed and forgiveness on off-center hits. The lower irons focus more on precision and control, hence why they don’t have the Launcher Cup Technology.

Progressive Shaping

cbx irons progressive-shaping

The Launcher CBX irons also have a progressive shaping to them. The longer irons are thicker with a lower CG to give you the most distance and forgiveness. As you move down the set, the club head gets more compact and the top line thins out, giving you more control. The CBX irons also progress perfectly with the CBX wedges.

Laser Milling/Tour Zip Grooves

cbx irons tour zip grooves

Laser milling and Tour Zip grooves appeared on previous Cleveland clubs. As a refresher, tiny groove-like lines are laser milled on the face, in between the Tour Zip grooves. The laser milling gives the ball more to “grab” onto at impact, increasing spin and control. Tour Zip grooves give you clean contact on the ball, no matter what kind of lie you have. Fairway, rough, or sand are no match for these grooves.

Dual V Sole/Feel Balancing

CBX irons dual v sole feel balancing

The Launcher CBX irons, like the CBX wedges, have a Dual V sole and feel balancing technology. If you didn’t catch our review of the CBX wedges, here’s what these features do. The Dual V sole gives you better turf interaction thanks to the “V” shape on the sole. The shape eliminates fat and thin shots by helping the club easily enter the turf and forcing it to exit without getting stuck. The second “V” runs from heel-to-toe, allowing you to confidently hit shots with the face open.

Feel Balancing technology takes weight out of the hosel and redistributes it around the club. As a result, the CG is moved more toward the center of the face for better feel at impact.


The Cleveland Launcher CBX irons deliver what you’d expect from a modern game improvement iron; distance and accuracy. Gaming these good looking clubs will give you confidence and help you lower your scores.

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