Callaway GBB Epic Star Line: An Epic Lightweight Alternative

GBB Epic Star line

The Asian golf market is unique to the industry. Products released there often use different materials, finishes, and overall designs. Given these differences, golf companies often release products exclusively for the Japanese market with no plans on bringing them west. Callaway is no exception. The company released a version of its popular GBB Epic line, called GBB Epic Star, to the Japanese market earlier in 2017. The ultra-premium lineup did so well overseas, Callaway decided to release it in our neck of the woods. But, what’s different about the GBB Epic Star line? We share the similarities and differences between the versions.

GBB Epic Star and GBB Epic Similarities

The GBB Epic Star line of clubs (driver, fairway wood, hybrid, iron) takes the successful design elements of the GBB Epic and puts it in a lightweight package. The GBB Epic Star driver shares the company’s revolutionary Jailbreak technology, Triaxial Carbon Crown, sliding back weight, and speed step crown. These features deliver ball speed, ball flight control, forgiveness, and distance.

The GBB Epic Star fairway woods, hybrids, and irons also have the same technology as their GBB Epic counterparts. For a more in-depth look at those, take a look back at our reviews of the GBB Epic fairway woods, hybrids, and irons.

Now that we’ve covered the similarities, it’s time to focus on the differences.

GBB Epic Star and GBB Epic Differences

Right away, you notice the different color of the GBB Epic Star line. Instead of the black and green colorway in the GBB Epic, the GBB Epic Star line is adorned with a regal black and gold colorway. The remaining differences are ones you feel.

As we touched on, the Epic Star line is a lightweight version of the Epic. Because the clubs are lighter, you’re able to swing them faster, launch it easier, and play a draw, making them ideal for golfers with slower swing speeds. Let’s see how Callaway achieves the lighter weights.

GBB Epic Star Driver, Fairway Wood, and Hybrid


GBB Epic star driver

This driver is the lightest driver Callaway has ever made, weighing a mere 286 grams in total. Engineers saved weight in several locations, starting with the grip. Callaway uses a Golf Pride J200 grip on the Epic Star driver, weighing 5.5 grams less than the stock grip on the Epic. The shaft is the Mitsubishi Grand Bassara, a 39-gram shaft delivering mid-to-high ball flight.

As we get to the driver’s head, you notice that there’s no adjustment hosel. The fixed hosel saves 7 more grams of total weight. Finally, on the sole of the driver, is the familiar sliding back weight. While the weight still lets you adjust the ball flight, it does so with an 11-gram weight (6 grams lighter than Epic).

Fairway Wood

gbb epic star fairway wood

The only real difference in the GBB Epic Star fairway wood is the 49-gram Mitsubishi Grand Bassara shaft. You still get the Triaxial Carbon Crown, Speed Step, and Face Cup Technology delivering ball speed, distance, and forgiveness.


gbb epic star hybrid

Notable differences in the Epic Star hybrid are the lightweight shaft, fixed hosel, and available lofts. The Epic Star hybrids come in 4H-8H, versus the Epic in 2H-5H.


gbb epic star iron

As you’ve seen in the Epic Star woods, the Epic Star irons continue the lightweight theme. The irons are only available with a Grand Bassara 55-gram graphite shaft in light and regular flex.

Distance is delivered in a couple ways with the Epic Star irons. Callaway engineers made the lofts of the Epic Star irons 3-5 degrees stronger than the Epic irons. For example, the 7-iron is 26 degrees. The Epic Star irons are also 1/4″-5/8″ longer than Epic irons. Longer clubs with stronger lofts equals more distance.

GBB Epic Star Line Summary

The Callaway GBB Epic Star line is not for every golfer. Their premium, lightweight design is perfect for golfers with slower swing speeds or those simply chasing distance. Does this sound like you? Give them a try and experience them for yourself.

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