Meet the Cobra King F8 Drivers

cobra king f8 drivers

“Precision and Speed. Redefined.”

This is how Cobra describes its the new King F8 drivers. The King F8 and King F8+ drivers have some never-before-seen technology to go with some familiar features. We’ll introduce you to everything so you understand the full capabilities of these new drivers.

Cobra King F8 Drivers: The Technology

CNC Milled Face

king f8 cnc milled face

You read that headline correctly. The Cobra King F8 and King F8+ drivers have the first CNC Precision milled club face on a driver. Why would you want that? Cobra discovered that milling prevents face thickness inconsistencies and curvatures between each head (versus hand polishing). Milling ensures each driver’s face is machined to precise specifications that provide optimal performance. Milling also lets the face be made thinner for a hotter face that increases ball speed and distance.

Dual Roll Technology

king f8 dual roll face

Another interesting introduction to the F8 drivers is Dual Roll Technology. Simply put, the top and bottom of the face are curved differently. As a result, you get consistent launch and spin on shots hit above or below the center of the club.

360-degree Aero Technology

king f8 driver 360 aero

Clubhead speed is the key to distance. The Cobra King F8 driver’s new 360-degree Aero technology enhances that need for speed. Aero trips are raised elements designed to reduce drag during your swing for more clubhead speed. These aero trips are ideally positioned on the crown and sole, where the air flows most. Combine aero trips with a more aerodynamic shaped head and that’s how you can swing the F8 drivers faster for more distance.

CG Sole Weights

King f8 adjustable_cg

You can adjust the CG position of the F8 drivers by moving the sole weights, similar to the King F7 drivers. Cobra simplified the weights from the King F7 to the King F8 drivers, going from 3 to 2 weights. What researchers found was that golfers were generally only changing 2 weights anyway. So, why put the extra weight there? Engineers used the weight savings to increase the forgiveness of King F8 and F8+ drivers.

The Cobra King F8 comes with a 12-gram and 2-gram weight. You can position these in the back or near the heel of the club. Putting the heavier weight near the heel gives the club more draw bias. Having the heavier weight in the back position raises ball flight and MOI.

The stock weights for the King F8+ driver are the same as the King F8. The locations, however, are different. On the King F8+, you put the weight either forward or back. Putting it forward reduces spin and lowers ball flight. Putting the 12-gram weight back raises ball flight and helps with forgiveness.

Carbon Fiber and Cobra Connect

king f8 carbon crown

The King F8 drivers are finished off with an ultralight Carbon Fiber crown and the return of popular Cobra Connect technology. The carbon fiber crown reduces weight and moves the weight savings to more forgiving spots around the clubhead (plus it looks cool).

Cobra Connect technology, powered by Arccos, was first seen in last year’s King F7 driver. The sensor in the grip automatically tracks your driving distance and accuracy and sends the data to your phone. You use that data to see what to work on during your next range session.

Finally, the King F8 drivers have the familiar MyFly hosel adapters to dial in your ball flight. The King F8 adjusts between 9 and 12 degrees of loft, along with draw settings. The King F8+ adjusts between 8 and 11 degrees.

Give the King F8 drivers their crown

The new, unique features on the Cobra King F8 drivers improve the solid performance of previous driver models. Taking leaps in design is hard but if early word is any indication, Cobra has a winner on its hands. It’s going to be difficult to wait for these bad boys to come out but we’ll be patient.

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