Wilson Staff C300 Driver: Power Up

wilson staff c300 driver crown

Driver innovation has come a long way over the years, with changes that hadn’t been seen before. Notable changes include bigger heads, adjustable hosels, and weight ports on the sole. Wilson Golf’s latest driver, the Wilson Staff C300 driver, also has some never-before-seen technology. The features on the C300 driver are designed to, as Wilson says, “Power Your Play.”

What has Wilson come up with? Read on to discover more about the C300 driver.

Wilson Staff C300 Driver Features

Power Holes™

wilson staff C300 Driver Exploded

The Wilson Staff C300 driver has an industry first for metal woods, Power Holes™. This proprietary technology creates a bigger sweet spot, consistent performance, and more ball speed across the face. Golfers know how more ball speed gives them more distance. Designers accomplished this in a unique way, with holes.

There are 2 through holes on the crown and 2 on the sole, filled with urethane. These holes let the face flex more at impact. The energy from the flexing gets transferred to the golf ball, giving it more ball speed. According to Wilson, the holes increase the flex of the face by 13.8% (versus a club face without Power Holes).

Power Holes technology is not new to the company. Wilson first used it in their C200 irons. They expanded it to their “distance” irons and recent “crossover” irons. Placing holes in the woods has never been done before in the industry.

Sole Adjustments

The C300 driver has 3 sole weights that let you optimize your ball flight. There are 2 6-gram weights and 1 2-gram weight. Moving the weights promotes a draw, neutral, or fade bias. Place the lighter weight in the toe, back, and heel positions to get those ball flights (respectively).

Wilson Staff c300 driver weight positions

Fast Fit Technology 3.0

Wilson Staff c300 driver adjustability

Fast Fit Technology 3.0 is Wilson’s adjustable hosel. Made of lightweight, durable aluminum, the hosel lets you adjust the club down 1 degree or 2 degrees in 0.5-degree increments. Combining the different weight and loft options, there are 54 unique set-ups to get the club dialed in for you.

Other Features

The Wilson Staff C300 driver has a rich matte red finish that keeps the glare off when it’s sitting at address. The crown also has a subtle Wilson shield logo that helps with alignment but doesn’t distract you.

The stock shaft is the Fujikura Speeder Pro 58. It is a mid-weight shaft that produces mid spin and launch characteristics. The chart below gives more details on the stock options.

wilson staff C300 Driver Specs

Wilson also offers 14 premium shafts that you can upgrade to for free.

 The Power Is In Your Hands

 When the Wilson Staff C300 driver comes out in early 2018, make sure you give it a swing and see how it can #PowerYourPlay.

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