Callaway Goes Rogue with Updated Jailbreak Technology In New Rogue Drivers

rogue drivers

Last year saw a huge breakthrough for Callaway with the Epic and Epic Sub Zero drivers and their Jailbreak technology. In case you forgot (but who could…), Jailbreak technology is 2 Titanium bars behind the clubface attaching the crown and sole. The bars provide extra support, allowing for more face flex, higher ball speeds, and forgiveness throughout the face.

After such a huge leap forward, Callaway set out to improve this technology. Their efforts led to the Rogue drivers. You’ll meet the 3 drivers that make up the line and learn about what separates them from their predecessor.

Callaway Rogue Drivers


The Jailbreak Effect


The titanium Jailbreak rods in the new Rogue drivers are redesigned in an hourglass shape, versus vertical in the Epic. The new shape saves 25% of the weight while retaining structure. The weight savings are to repositioned around the head for added forgiveness.


rogue driver face

Along with improved Jailbreak technology, Callaway incorporates a new variable-thickness X-Face to add ball speed. The face consists of raised ridges in the shape of a large X in the middle-inner part of the face. This alters how the face behaves at impact to deliver high ball speeds. The combination of Jailbreak and X Face increased the MOI of the Rogue drivers 7.5% from the Great Big Bertha Epic.

Features on the Crown


On the crown, you’ll notice a new aerodynamic design. Boeing was again brought in to look at reducing drag and collaborated on a new speed step on the crown. This new speed step takes into account the rotation of the club head during the swing as well as the clubhead’s path from start to finish.

The triaxial carbon material used in the Epic has been increased on Rogue drivers. The lightweight material encompasses 46% of the head’s surface, redistributing more weight for more forgiveness.

Models and Specs

There are 3 models in the new Rogue line; Standard, Sub Zero, and Draw.

Rogue standard Driver

The Rogue Standard has a larger footprint than the GBB Epic and does away with the sliding weight on the sole. Callaway did research and found that most golfers didn’t adjust the weight once they found the right setting. The Rogue Standard simply has one weight port in the back.

Rogue SUBZERO Driver

The Rogue Sub Zero has a slightly smaller look at address than the Rogue Standard and produces lower spin. Two weights on the sole (1 2-gram and 1 14-gram) can be interchanged to raise or lower the spin by 200rpm. Heavier weight in the front lowers the spin/ball flight while putting the 14-gram weight in the back raises spin/ball flight.

Rogue DRAW Driver

Finally, there’s the Rogue Draw. This draw-biased version packs 20 grams of weight into the heel, allowing up to 17 yards of slice correction.

Break On Through

The impact on the industry that the Callaway GBB Epic had is huge and will be a challenge to top. The design improvements the Callaway team implemented in the Rogue drivers has them poised to break through and past the standard set by Epic. Be sure to experience these drivers for yourself and see if they are up to the challenge.

Stay tuned for more reviews of the 2018 Callaway lineup, coming soon…

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