Mack Daddy 4 Wedges: Raising the Standard

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When industry icon Roger Cleveland is the head of your company’s wedge R&D department, odds are good that what comes out will be good. The Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedges are the latest to come from the mind of Mr. Cleveland. Here’s what you need to know about these wedges.

Mack Daddy 4 Wedge Features

Groove-In-Groove Technology

The 4th version of the Mack Daddy wedge comes with new Groove-in-Groove technology, constructed to give shots more spin.

mack daddy 4 wedges micro grooves

The main grooves on the Mack Daddy 4 wedges are loft specific. Lower lofted wedges (46-52 degrees) have a shallower groove for more control on full shots. The rest of the lofts (54-64 degrees) have deep, sharp grooves to give shots around the green more stopping power, even from the rough. There are 16 main grooves on the face, including an extra “Nip it” groove on the bottom near the leading edge. This extra groove helps with control on short shots.

In between the 16 main grooves are 4 micro-grooves to increase the surface roughness and give even more spin. The combination of these grooves produces 84 points of contact to grab golf ball.

New Shape

Taking guidance from Tour players, Mr. Cleveland changed the shape of the Mack Daddy 4 wedges. Compared to the Mack Daddy 3 wedges, MD4 wedges have a more compact shape, straighter leading edge, tighter leading-edge radius and slightly more offset.

Grind Options

There are 4 grind options available on the Mack Daddy 4 wedges:

C Grind: This versatile grind has more heel relief, making it easier to hit open-faced shots. With 8 degrees of bounce, it is ideal for a medium/shallow swinger and/or firm conditions.


S Grind: There is slightly more bounce (10 degrees), moderate heel relief, and a low leading edge on the S Grind. Golfers that like to hit a variety of shots, especially open-faced shots, will gravitate to this grind.


W Grind: The sole of the W Grind (12 degrees of bounce) is wider at the center and toe and narrow at the heel. This prevents the club from digging for those with a steep swing and/or soft course conditions.


X Grind: A new grind offering, the X Grind also has 12 degrees of bounce. The crescent-shaped sole is lower at the front and fits the golfer with a moderate-steep swing and/or moderate course conditions.


Which Mack Daddy 4 Wedge Will You Choose?

Overall, there are 21 loft-bounce and 2 finish options, Tour Chrome and Matte Black, to choose from. The Dynamic Gold Tour-Issue 115 stock shaft produces a controlled ball flight, with other custom options available.

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