Top 10 Features of Mizuno JPX 919 Irons

JPX 919 irons

For much of its history, Mizuno’s bread and butter has been making high-quality irons. From classics like the MP-14 and MP-33 to the modern MP-18 and JPX lines. Historically, the MP line has been geared towards the better player and the JPX line towards the player seeking forgiveness. Mizuno’s response to the success of the JPX 900 line, the JPX 919 irons, improves on several fronts.

Here are the top 10 features of the Mizuno JPX 919 irons, namely JPX 919 Tour, JPX 919 Forged, and JPX 919 Hot Metal.

Top 10 Features of Mizuno JPX 919 Irons

1. Garin Flow Forged HD

Mizuno Grain Flow Forged HD

Mizuno brings back their patented Grain Flow Forged HD forging process for the JPX 919 Tour irons and extends the process to the JPX 919 Forged irons. This unique process puts a higher density (the “HD” part of the name) of the continuous grained 1025E mild carbon steel in the impact zone, boosting Mizuno iron’s already legendary feel.

2. Stability Frame Design

Stability Frame design in each of the JPX 919 irons pushes more weight towards the toe for added forgiveness. It also moves the CG low and deep for higher launch. The Stability Frame in each of the JPX 919 models varies based on giving the best performance in each.

In the JPX 919 Tour, the hidden Stability Frame moves the CG to the center of the face, making it easier to shape shots. It also lowers the CG in the mid and long irons, producing higher ball flight.

The Stability Frame in the JPX 919 Forged and JPX 919 Hot Metal puts more weight in the toe than the JPX 919 Tour. This added forgiveness where many mishits happen help improve your scores.

3. Pearl Brush Finish

JPX 919 irons pearl brush finish

A pearl brush finish on each of the JPX 919 irons reduces glare and softens the look of the irons.

4. Smaller Profile in the JPX 919 Tour

jpx 919 tour compact look

Designers took the compact look of the JPX 900 Tour irons and streamlined it in the JPX 919 Tour. The top line of the JPX 919 Tour is 10% smaller than the JPX 900 Tour. This allowed designers to slightly widen the sole (by 5%) for higher launch, especially in the long irons.

5. Back Milled Face

jpx 919 forged back milled face

Mizuno came up with a new way to mill the cavity of the JPX 919 Forged irons, coming from the sole up versus from the top. This technique makes the cavity bigger, leading to a larger area of unsupported face, which creates higher COR and ball speed for distance. According to Mizuno, they’ve doubled the COR (amount of energy transferred to the golf ball) area over JPX 900 Forged, leading to a near-driver-like .810 COR (driver limit is .830).

6. Boron in the JPX 919 Forged

jpx 919 forged boron

Also boosting ball speed in the JPX 919 Forged irons is the addition of boron to the 1025E mild carbon steel. Using boron makes the steel 30% stronger, letting designers use less steel to make the face thinner. A thinner face bumps up ball speed and distance without sacrificing the legendary Mizuno feel.

7. Chromoly 4140M

jpx 919 hot metal chromoly 4140M

Chromoly 4140M is again used to construct the body of the JPX 919 Hot Metal irons. The benefit of this material is the resulting multi-thickness face. The outer portion of the face is thinner so mishits aren’t penalized by a lack of distance. The middle of the face is thicker, giving flushed shots consistent performance and feel.

8. Seamless Construction

jpx 919 hot metal seamless construction

Another unique and new construction technique used by Mizuno is the seamless construction of the JPX 919 Hot Metal irons. Cast clubs are made from multiple pieces. Putting these pieces together can be a challenge and affect how the club performs. Mizuno takes a one-piece cupped face and seamlessly welds it to the rest of the body. Doing this not only ensures high ball speeds but also gives feedback like a player’s iron.

9. Sound Ribs

jpx 919 hot metal sound ribs

To improve the sound of JPX 919 Hot Metal irons, sound ribs were placed near the top line. The ribs reduce vibrations and yield a deeper, confidence-inducing thud at impact.

10. Modified Scoring Irons

Game improvement irons are usually big and bulky as a result of their added forgiveness. JPX 919 Hot Metal irons buck that trend. Long irons are larger for forgiveness. As you move down the set, the heads become more and more compact, giving scoring irons more control.

Are You Feeling the JPX 919 Irons?

Those are the top 10 things you need to know about the Mizuno JPX 919 irons. If you want to learn more about them, pick the brains of our PGA Professionals. We also want to hear what you think of these clubs. Leave a comment and weigh in with your opinion!

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