How Do Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges Get You More Spin?

Clevelnad RTX-4 wedges

Cleveland has created their most tour authentic wedges, the RTX-4. The RTX-4 wedges focus on giving better players more spin, great feel, and versatility around the green. We explore and explain the design features and technology that go into the RTX-4 wedges and why there’s so much excitement around them.

Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges: The Facts and Features

Rotex Face Technology

RTX-4 rotex face technology

RTX-4 wedges are all about producing more spin. The 4th generation Rotex Face technology is the engine behind these spin machines, with improvements in several areas. The main grooves on the face are Cleveland’s Tour Zip grooves. The grooves are sharper and deeper than ever before, knifing through grass, sand, and water to deliver consistent spin.

In between the main grooves are Laser Milling lines, a common feature in several Cleveland wedges. The lines create more face roughness and friction for added spin. In this version, the laster milling is more durable for long lasting spin control.

Closest to the face is Rotex Face Milling. The swirl pattern is milled in line with where wedge shots are generally hit, most visibly on the toe. You’ll notice that those lines are deeper than in previous models. Cleveland did this to give you more control on open-faced shots, which are often hit toward the toe.

Progressive Shaping

rtx 4 wegdes progressive head design

Better players prefer a certain look to their wedges when they address the ball. With inspiration from PGA Tour players, the RTX-4 wedges have a compact blade shape and minimal offset. They also boast progressive shaping through the lofts. Low lofted wedges are more compact with a straight leading edge. As loft increases, the head shape progresses toward a traditional wedge shape and rounded leading edge.

The head shape isn’t the only feature that progresses in the RTX-4 wedges.

Progressive Feel Balancing Technology

rtx 4 wedges feel balance technology

Center of gravity (CG) is important to the feel and flight of a golf club. Golfers want to control the trajectory as they get closer to the green. RTX-4 wedges offer Progressive Feel Balancing technology that adjusts the center of gravity by loft, placing it in the optimal position both vertically and horizontally. Feel balancing requires pulling weight out of the hosel, which moves the CG towards the center of the club face.

The muscle back on club changes by loft, further optimizing the CG location, helping produce any shot, from a low, checking shot to a high flop shot.

Sole Grind Options

Cleveland RTX-4 wedge grind options return to more traditional options, with 4 to choose from. The sole grind options include Full, Mid, Low, and the new X-Low.


rtx-4 full grind

The Full sole grind adds bounce when the club face is opened, perfect for bunker and rough shots. Golfers with neutral/steep attack angles will want to check this grind out.


rtx-4 mid grind

The Mid grind is also great for those with a neutral to steep attack angle, best out of medium to soft conditions. It’s a great all-around wedge and provides stability on full shots as well as open-face pitch shots.


rtx-4 low grind

The Low has a traditional “C” shape, benefitting golfers who play the finesse game and have a shallow angle of attack. It’s an extremely versatile grind that works well for open face and flop shots in medium to firm conditions.


rtx-4 x low grind

New in the RTX-4 wedges is the X-Low sole grind. If you’re a shallow swinger who likes to hit extreme flop shots, even on the firmest, tightest lies, these need to be on your radar. Available only in the 58 and 60-degree wedges, it has just 3 degrees of bounce, the lowest ever offered by Cleveland in a wedge.

Other Notable Features

RTX-4 wedges come in 3 finished, Tour Satin, Black Satin, and Tour Raw. The Black Satin has a new, more durable PVD finish, keeping it look fresh. The heavier stock True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shaft helps in controlling ball flight. Other True Temper, KBS, and Nippon shafts are also available at no upcharge.

How much will Cleveland RTX-4 Wedges help your game?

Now that you’ve learned all there is to know about the RTX-4 wedges, the only decision left is which finish and grind are best for you. Reach out to one of our PGA Professionals if you need clarification on anything related to these wedges.

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