Meet the New Srixon Z Series Irons: Z585 and Z785

Srixon Z Series Irons

The new Z Series irons from Srixon have two great offerings for mid to low handicap players, Z585 and Z785. Each model improves on their predecessors, delivering distance, workability, and feel. Deciding which would be best for you requires looking at the differences. We introduce you to the new Srixon Z Series irons, explaining the differences and how they benefit your game.

Srixon Z Series Irons


The Z585 delivers the distance of a game improvement iron with the compact look of a better player’s iron. Theses irons gain ball speed and better feel over previous models thanks to the following features.

Speed Groove

Srixon Z585 Speed Groove

You are well aware that ball speed is the key to distance. Srixon brings back the high-strength SUP10 steel face insert, made thin to bump up ball speed across the face. To complement the face insert, Srixon added an internal Speed Groove, located directly behind it. The channel allows the SUP10 face to flex more at impact, which gives the irons the added ball speed/distance.

Tour V.T. Sole

Srixon Z585 tour vt sole

Also returning to the Z585 irons is the Tour V.T. Sole, with (you guessed it) improvements to the design. As a refresher, Tour V.T. sole helps the club cut through the turf without getting stuck. This better turf interaction leads to more consistent contact (read: fewer thin/heavy shots) and distance.

The updated version slides the point of the “V” back slightly, reducing the trailing edge bounce angle. This lower angle helps the club exit the ground faster which helps with distance gains.

Forged Construction

Besides the face, the rest of the Z585 head is forged with a soft, 1020 carbon steel. The softness of the steel dampens vibrations at impact, making the club feel incredible.

Now that we’ve covered the distance and feel of the Srixon Z585 irons, let’s turn to the Z785 irons.


Srixon Z785 irons look almost like a blade at address, perfectly designed for workability and feel. Let’s take a look at the updates.

Updated Tour V.T. Sole

srixon z785 tour vt sole

The redesigned Tour V.T. Sole creates superior turf interaction, even on miss-hits, while still allowing the versatility to hit any shot. Unlike the previous version, the sole of the Z785 has a constant leading edge bounce angle throughout the set. The trailing edge bounce angle is also lower than the Z765 irons until you get to the wedges, where the angle increases. Designing it this way lets you hit any range of shots with each club in the set.

Tour Cavity

srixon z785 tour cavity

The Z785 irons also feature a Tour Cavity design, placing more mass behind the impact location. This weight placement actually decreases MOI but allows for more workability, ideally for players looking to shape every shot.

Forged Construction and Laser Milling

Z785 irons are also forged from a single billet of soft 1020 Carbon Steel providing an extremely soft feel and instant feedback.

Each groove has laser milling between them. This design roughens up the face, pushing the irons to the limit for elevating stopping power and spin for accurate approach shots.

Who Ordered the Combo?

Perhaps the best thing about these irons is that they are designed to be combined. This allows you to select irons based on your needs and custom order them, easily filling any gaps in your set. A combination of Z585 and Z785 irons, for example, would give you more forgiveness in the long irons and more control in short irons, respectively.

So, whether you want to game remarkable feeling irons play with extreme distance (Z585), with the ultimate workability(Z785), or a combination of both, the Srixon Z Series irons have you covered.

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