Cobra F-Max Superlite Woods/Irons: Experience the ‘Speed of Lite’

Cobra F-Max superlite collection

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “speed of light?” Something fast? Something straight? What about traveling high in the sky? Cobra brings all these things together in one package, the F-Max Superlite collection.

Getting today’s stronger-lofted clubs airborne to maximize distance is a problem golfers with slow/moderate swing speeds struggle with. The F-Max Superlite collection takes steps to solve this issue, helping bring back lost distance and ideal ball flight.

Cobra F-Max Superlite Collection

The F-Max Superlite collection focuses on saving as much weight as possible with a light clubhead, shaft, and grip. This combination allows golfers to increase clubhead speed without having to swing out of their shoes. The resulting swing has a smooth tempo and leads to more consistent contact. Let’s take a closer look at the clubs in the line.

F-Max Superlite Driver

cobra f-max superlite offset driver

The F-Max Superlite driver, like the F-Max before it, comes in an Offset and Straight Neck version. Both drivers have weight placed in the heel, promoting a draw. The Offset head provides 4 more yards of draw versus the Straight Neck. The Superlite driver’s clubhead weighs 6 grams lighter than the previous F-Max, yet maintains an MOI over 5,000 g/cm2. The weight is better positioned toward the back of the club, preserving stability and forgiveness. The head, combined with a 5-gram lighter shaft and 7-gram lighter grip puts the entire weight of the club at only 287 grams!  This translates into increased clubhead speed for all golfers.

cobra f-max superlite driver e9 face technology
E9 Face Technology

To get maximum ball speed, Cobra uses a forged 6-4 Titanium face insert with the familiar E9 variable face thickness technology. If you need a refresher, E9 Face Technology thins out the face in areas common for mishits, boosting ball speed and forgiveness.

cobra f-max superlite driver crown alignment feature
Crown Alignment Feature

Also helping with forgiveness is a textured-looking alignment feature on the crown. The subtle stripe is the width of a golf ball and assists you in setting up square to the ball.

F-Max Superlite Fairway Woods and Hybrids

The F-Max Superlite fairway woods save weight similar to the driver, adding weight low, back, and towards the heel. The crown of the F-Max Superlite fairway woods also shares the subtle alignment technology and offset head as the driver.

cobra f-max superlite fairway face construction

The fairway wood has a low profile and shallow face insert of forged 455 stainless steel. The low profile pushes the CG low and back, for higher launch and more carry distance. The 455 stainless steel face insert bumps up ball speed, adding to distance. The proprietary stock shaft weighs 50 grams in lite flex and 55 grams in regular and stiff, continuing the theme of lighter and faster.

cobra f-max superlite hybrid back heel cg weighting
Cobra F-Max Superlite Hybrid

The F-Max Superlite hybrids, designed to be interchangeable with the long irons to create combo sets, add a back/heel center of gravity. Positioning weight there makes it easier to get the ball airborne and produce a straighter flight. Offset head design and the same alignment feature also help you hit straighter shots.

F-Max Superlite Irons

Rounding out the collection are the F-Max Superlite irons. In the irons, a total of 15 grams of weight is saved, including a 7-gram lighter grip and 5-gram lighter shaft. Weighting low in the heel and toe areas improves forgiveness. A low profile and deep undercut cavity lower CG and increase ball speed, respectively.

Cobra F-Max Superlite irons progressive cg

The F-Max Superlite irons have progressive CG locations and amount of offset as you move through the set. This ensures optimal ball flight to maximize the performance of each club.

The irons are available in lightweight graphite or steel shafts and can be easily combined with hybrids to create a combo set.

“Lighter. Faster. Longer.”

The quote from Cobra above captures the heart of the F-Max Superlite collection. The lighter overall weight of the clubs helps swing the club faster for more distance. If you are looking to get some more clubhead speed and getting stronger isn’t an option, the F-Max Superlite collection is a great option.

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