Meet The Wilson Staff Cortex: Winner of Wilson’s Driver vs Driver 2

Wilson Staff Cortex driver head

After 7 exciting episodes, the winner of Wilson’s Driver vs Driver 2 has been crowned. Each episode took the viewer on a journey as contestant’s designs were put to the test by a wide range of players. Testers included Wilson Advisory Staff from the PGA Tour, social influencers, and industry insiders representing the common golfer. Elements like sound, performance, and overall visual appeal were just some of the criteria judges looked at to declare a winner. In the end, the Wilson Staff Cortex was stood above the crowd.

Evan Hoffman’s Cortex design started out as a concept with insipration from motorcycles. The design evolved over the course of the show into what is available today. The driver has several unique features that help optimize the club’s performance for each golfer. We take a closer look at the driver to help you better understand the features and why they help your game.

Wilson Staff Cortex Features

Weight Distribution

Wilson Staff Cortex Fast Cage frame

The weight and CG location of the Cortex controlled by Fast Cage Technology, which combines carbon fiber with a titanium frame to make up the head. Over 44% of the Cortex’s head consists of lightweight carbon fiber. Using so much carbon fiber not only lets you swing the club faster, but it also puts the center of gravity lower in the head for optimal launch and spin.

The titanium frame provides strength to the club, complementing the carbon fiber. The rigidity of the frame helps keep the shape of the head at impact, transferring energy to the golf ball.


Wilson Staff cortex slide track

There are 3 ways to adjust the Cortex driver. The first is a Slide Track on the sole that runs perpendicular to the face. The moveable 8-gram weight in the track slides forward or backward, controlling the launch angle and spin. Moving the weight to the forward-most position produces a penetrating ball flight with less spin. Placing the weight all the way back transforms the club into its most forgiving form, placing the most weight in the perimeter. The ball also launches higher with more spin for extra carry distance.

wilson staff cortex direction control

The 2nd way to adjust the Cortex controls the left and right ball flight on the driver. An 8-gram weight and a 2-gram weight can be interchanged between 2 ports, 1 near the toe and 1 near the heel. Placing the heavier weight in the heel promotes a draw bias while placing it in the toe gives a fade bias.

Wilson Staff Cortex Fast-Fit hosel

Finally, the Cortex comes with Fast-Fit® adjustable hosel. You can choose from 6 different loft settings in 1/2-degree increments. Your options include: standard, -0.5°, -/+1.0°, +1.5°, and +2.0°.

Stock Shaft Offerings

Wilson staff cortex stock shafts

Fujikura provides the stock shaft for the winner of Driver vs Driver. You can choose from the ATMOS Tour Spec Red, Blue, or Black. All 3 of these shafts are specifically designed to feel exactly the same yet produce different ball flights. The butt and mid-section of the shaft have the same stiffness across the board. Choosing the right shaft for your game is as easy as choosing a color. The Tour Spec Red produces the highest ball flight. The Tour Spec Blue has a mid-launch with mid-spin. Finally, the Tour Spec Black has the lowest ball flight and spin.

There are also several custom options that you can choose from. Remember, a proper fitting into the right loft and shaft combination for you ensures you’re getting the most performance out of the club. The Wilson Staff Cortex will also be available to try the club before you buy it with our U-try program.

The Wilson Staff Cortex is available now.

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