Our Favorite Golf Products of 2018: Part 2

Our favorite golf products 2018

Welcome to Part 2 in the series of our favorite golf products of 2018. If you missed Part 1, we discussed our favorites on the equipment side of the industry. In Part 2, we’ll highlight our favorites on the apparel/accessories side. You’ll learn about the main features of each product, discovering why they made our list. Let’s begin.

Favorite Golf Products of 2018: Part 2

Apparel – adidas Ultimate 365 Solid Polo

We start our list at the top, with our favorite golf polo, the adidas Ultimate 365 Solid Polo. A solid-colored polo is the cornerstone of any golf wardrobe. Its versatility fits any style and can be worn on or off the course.

adidas ultimate 365 polo

Nearly every golf polo on the market offers some sort of moisture-wicking and stretching capabilities. This adidas polo is no different, made of a breathable fabric with 4-way stretch. One thing that sets the Ultimate 365 apart from the crowd is its focus on durability. The shoulders are edge-stitched, which is an extra stitching that makes the shirt stronger where you need it most, the arms. Another difference maker is how the Ultimate 365 solid polo also protects you from the sun, blocking harmful rays with UPF 50+.

The final reason for this shirt making our list is the wide range of available colors. Choose from classic colors like black and navy or bright, fashion-forward colors like pink and Aqua.

Shoe – Puma Ignite PWRAdapt

Puma Ignite PWRAdapt features

Next, we move from the top to the bottom. This year, our favorite golf shoe was the Puma Ignite PWRAdapt. Golf shoes need to provide comfort for your feet while still providing stability during the golf swing. Puma conquers both of these areas, putting them in a stylish package the brand is known for.

What gives these shoes their comfort is the company’s signature Ignite foam that runs the length of the shoe. This soft yet stable material returns energy to the foot with each step, giving it a bouncy feel. The upper is made with a combination of mesh and a sock-like liner that hugs your feet and allows them to breathe.

There are 2 main aspects that incorporate stability in the Ignite PWRAdapt. First, a PWRFrame on the upper supports the middle and back of the foot. As the laces tighten, the frame locks the foot in place. The second stability feature is the proprietary PWRAdapt sole. This unique system cushions the Tornado cleats so you don’t feel them with each step. Each cleat moves 360° independently by being absorbed into the Ignite foam. This movement is especially helpful on uphill or downhill lies, letting you swing normally knowing your feet will stay planted.

Bag – Titleist Players 5

titleist players 5 stand bag red black white

With apparel covered, it’s time to talk about our favorite golf bag, the Titleist Players 5 stand bag. This bag has everything you’d look for in a stand bag. It’s lightweight, tipping the scale at a scant 4.8 lbs, making walking 18 (or 36) holes enjoyable. The 5-way top keeps golf clubs organized and the 7 additional pockets provide ample storage for accessories, valuables, and more. The valuables pocket is also waterproof, protecting your things in case you get caught in the rain.

There are 2 significant proprietary features in the Players 5 bag. The first is a proprietary strap system, letting you quickly switch from single to double straps. The stand system is the second proprietary system. The internal foot mechanism at the base of the bag is engineered to extend the legs to the most stable position.

Technology – Bushnell Pro X2

Bushnell Pro X2 laser rangefinder

Up now is our favorite technology product of the year, the Bushnell Pro X2 laser rangefinder. This is the ultimate laser rangefinder from the best in the biz. Here’s a look at the features.

The Pro X2 has Bushnell’s iconic Jolt technology, where the unit vibrates when it locks onto the flag. The unit’s 6x magnification lens assists in picking out targets ranging from 5-1,300 yards and 450+ yards to a flag within half of a yard. The distance is also displayed in either black or red, which you can switch based on light conditions. The Pro X2 also switches between slope and non-slope functions by flipping the “Pro X2” badge on the side of the unit up or down. In slope mode, the yardage shown is adjusted for uphill or downhill shots.

Aesthetically, the unit has an ergonomic shape that fits nicely in your hand. It also has a fully waterproof rubber armored metal housing, making it extremely durable.

Golf Ball – Wilson Staff DUO Soft

Wilson’s DUO Soft golf ball is our favorite golf ball of 2018 because of feel and performance, not to mention all the cool matte colors they come in. We start by what Wilson is known for, feel.

The DUO Soft is, as its name suggests, very soft. It’s the softest 2-piece golf ball in the industry with a compression of 29. The soft feel comes from the large core and the specific ionomer blend in the cover. Wilson found that people prefer a softer ball over the alternative (cause who wants to hit a rock). The trick was coming up with a combination of core and cover that keeps it soft but still performs.

Speaking of performance, Wilson uses a shallower 302 dimple pattern, along with the larger core, to produce longer, straighter shots. The core contracts and rebounds at impact for higher ball speed. The core also produces less spin off the tee, improving the chances of finding the fairway more frequently. The new dimple pattern keeps the ball in the air long enough to maximize carry distance.

Wilson Staff DUO Optix colors

If feel and performance weren’t enough, there are also several matte colors to choose from, called DUO Optix. Wilson uses the matte finish to make it easy to see the ball flight better.

You can learn more about these golf balls in our interview with the man who designed them, Frank Simonutti.

Accessories – YETI Ramblers

Yeti ramblers multiple colors

Golf accessories are practical and convenient. Our favorite accessory to have on (and off) the course is a YETI Rambler. Whether the contents are hot or cold, you know they’ll be enjoyed at the perfect temperature.

YETI Ramblers come on a wide array of sizes (10 ounces to 1 gallon!) and colors. They’re sweatproof so condensation doesn’t build up, keeping your hands dry and preventing them slipping. Some models also come with the company’s MagSlider lid, which uses a magnetic closure to prevent spilling.

That’s a Wrap

That completes our list of favorite golf products for 2018. Again, if you missed Part 1, you can check it out HERE. Got products you think should’ve made our list? Leave a comment and let us know.

If you have questions about these products or any other product, please reach out. Happy Holidays!

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