Callaway Epic Forged Irons: Premium Performing Irons

Callaway Epic Forged Irons: Premium Performing Irons

Callaway Epic Forged irons are the latest in a long line of innovations coming out of Carlsbad. These gorgeous irons are meticulously made, with attention put into each and every detail.

Read more about these ultra-premium irons below.

Epic Forged Irons Features

Forged Body

callaway epic forged irons forged body

A high-performing machine needs a good body to house the aspects that deliver results. The body of the Epic Forged irons is made out of forged 1025 carbon steel. That grade of steel is very soft, giving each club in the set outstanding feel at impact.

Suspended Tungsten Core

Callaway designers also took the Suspended Tungsten Core normally reserved for more game improvement irons and put it into the Epic Forged irons. This is the first time the company has used this technology in a forged iron.

callaway Epic Forged Irons suspended tungsten core

The Suspended Tungsten Core in each iron of the set has a custom tungsten weight that controls the center of gravity (CG) position, placing its location in the perfect spot to control launch characteristics. Callaway didn’t stop there though. They took each tungsten weight and nestled it in a TPU over-mold suspended with their patented urethane microspheres. These microspheres contribute to the overall feel of the club by reducing the vibrations on the thin clubface at impact.

360 Face Cup

360 face cup
360 Face Cup

The 360 Face Cup wraps from the topline of the irons to around the sole. It flexes at impact to increase ball speed and deliver distance. The face used on these irons is crazy thin, as you can see by the picture above.

Beyond the face’s thickness, Callaway designers used a new variable face thickness (VFT) pattern on the long irons. The new pattern ensures consistent spin and ball speed so golfers don’t get “hot shots”, where shots go farther than expected, off certain parts of the face.

On the short irons, the emphasis was placed on controlling trajectory so golfers can attack pins. To accomplish this, engineers resistance welded MIM’d tungsten weight higher in the body. The added weight raises the CG for a more penetrating ball flight.

Premium Components

Epic forged irons premium components

Callaway uses premium components to complement the features covered above. Stock shaft options in the Epic Forged irons are the Aerotech Steel Fiber FC and Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver shafts.

The Aerotech is a lightweight shaft that combines the stability of steel with the feel of graphite. It produces a mid-high ball flight.

The Mitsubishi graphite shaft weighs 50 or 60 grams, depending on flex and has a mid ball flight.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Align Silver grips are the stock grip. These grips have a subtle “reminder” ridge on the underside of the grip to help golfers align their hands on the grip the same way each time.

Epic Performing Irons

Callaway Epic Forged irons are ideal for golfers of all skill levels that seek the best in materials, technology, and performance.

If that sounds like you, give these irons a try and experience how they can help your game.


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