Cleveland CBX2 Wedges: A Hit Sequel

Cleveland CBX2 Wedges: A Hit Sequel

Golfers mainly play cavity back irons because of their forgiveness. However, when it comes to wedges, those same golfers often don’t use a club that offers the same forgiveness. That’s where Cleveland stepped in with the CBX wedges, and now their sequel, CBX2 wedges.

Cleveland engineers took the features on the original CBX wedge and improved them for the new version, creating a more forgiving wedge that’s even easier to hit and produces tons of spin.

Here’s a closer look at the latest features of the CBX2 wedges.

Key Features on CBX2 Wedges

Hollow Cavity-Back

The hollow cavity-back design on the CBX2 wedges gets a redesign. As a refresher, cavity back clubs push more weight to the perimeter, increasing the club’s forgiveness.

Cleveland engineers added forgiveness by taking weight out of the hosel and adding it to the wider toe area. They also moved weight by hollowing the cavity out more, moving it around the clubhead.

Dynamic Sole Grinds

Cleveland took the guesswork out of choosing the right wedge grind on the CBX2 wedges by introducing dynamic sole grinds, 3 loft-specific grinds that maximize performance for any shot.

Low-lofted wedges, 46-52 degrees, have a V-shaped sole grind. This grind is ideal for full shots, allowing the club to enter and exit the turf with ease.

54 and 56-degree wedges, used mainly in the sand or deep rough, have an S-shaped sole grind.

The highest lofted wedges, 58 degrees and 60 degrees, have a C-shaped sole grind. This grind lets golfers hit a variety of shots around the green, like an open-face flop shot or delicate chip from the rough.

Feel Balancing Technology

cleveland cbx2 wedge feel balance technolgy

Feel Balancing Technology has been incorporated in Cleveland wedges for a few model generations. The technology moves the center of gravity (CG) towards the center of the face to improve feel.

On the CBX2 wedges, the CG position is moved slightly closer to the toe than the previous model by taking weight out of the hosel and tapering the top flange. The result is a buttery feel on more shots.

Cleveland designers took feel one step further, adding a Gelback TPU insert to the back cavity that reduces vibrations at impact.

Fourth Generation Rotex Face

cbx2 rotex face technology

Golfers know that wedge performance hinges on the spin produced by the grooves. A Fourth-Generation Rotex Face on CBX2 wedges has grooves, on grooves, on grooves, giving the wedges supreme stopping power.

The new Rotex Face starts with 2 different Rotex milling lines. Smaller, circular-shaped millings sit behind the main grooves, working with the other main grooves to produce more spin. Larger, wider milling is located on the toe, adding control on open-face shots.

The main grooves on the CBX2 wedges are sharp Tour Zip Grooves that grab the cover of the golf ball and impart incredible spin.

In between the main grooves are Laser Milled micro-grooves. These micro-grooves add even more friction for more spin.

CBX2 Wedge Stock Specs

Cleveland CBX2 wedge stock specs

This Sequel Is Hard To Equal

The changes that Cleveland made to the CBX2 wedges make them hard to beat on the golf course. They offer forgiveness and a smooth transition from game improvement irons into the short game. Spin and feel are also enhanced with next-generation Feel Balance and Rotex Face Technologies.

In our opinion, the best part about this wedge is, despite all the built-in forgiveness, it still looks like a traditional wedge.

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