The Secret of Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters

The Secret of Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters

Golfers often struggle with producing a consistent putting stroke. The folks at Odyssey wanted to help fix that so they created the Stroke Lab putters.

Accomplishing this meant rethinking the overall design of a modern putter. We discuss the changes Odyssey has made for the Stroke Lab putters and why they help you putt better.

Odyssey Rethinks Putter Design

Over time, putter heads have gotten heavier as green speeds have gotten faster. The heavier head can cause the putter to lag behind, leading to a decrease in putting stroke consistency.

As a solution, the company reimagined the putter from the grip down. Everything revolves around the new shaft Odyssey put in these clubs.

Stroke Lab Shaft

The secret to the success of Stroke Lab putters lies in the new shaft. Odyssey made the multi-material shaft lighter, redistributing the weight to the rest of the club.

The Stroke Lab shaft weighs a significant 40 grams less than a traditional putter shaft and is made out of both graphite and steel. The steel portion at the bottom is stiffer than normal to compensate for the shift in weight and keep the putter stable at impact. The rest of the shaft is made of graphite. In addition to saving weight, using graphite produces a pleasing feel under your hands at impact.

odyssey stroke lab putter shaft

Designers took 30 grams of the weight savings and placed it in the grip. Odyssey did this by using a grip that’s 10 grams lighter and adding a 40-gram weight to the end of the shaft. This gives the putter a counter-balance-like effect, syncing the hands with the putter head during the putting stroke.

The other 10 grams of weight saved by the shaft was placed in 2 weights on the sole of the putter.

How does Stroke Lab help you putt better?

Odyssey did studies with the Stroke Lab putters, noting that golfers were more consistent with their backswing time, face-angle at impact, ball speed, and ball direction when using the putters.

Simply put, Stroke Lab putters help you repeat the same swing on the greens.

Other Features

Each Stroke Lab putter model comes with the company’s White Hot Microhinge face insert. As a refresher, the insert combines the soft feel of the legendary White Hot technology with microhinge technology. The latter technology uses several tiny microhinges on the face to impart a true roll on the golf ball, helping it roll end over end faster. Doing so gets the ball online quicker and keeps it there, leading to more made putts.

odyssey stroke lab putter models

The Stroke Lab putter lineup has 10 head-shape options for you to choose from, ranging from traditional blade putters to forgiving mallet putters. This selection has something for every golfer.

Putt Better with Stroke Lab Putters

The secret to better putting with the Stroke Lab putters is its new design. The new shaft smooths out your putting stroke and makes it repeatable.

You’ve got 2 options for gaming one of these putters:

1. Head HERE to shop.

2. Give them a try with our Utry™ trial program for 2 weeks and experience how the putters can help your game before you buy one.

Reach out to one of our PGA Professionals if you have any questions about these putters


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