Srixon Z65 Irons: Forged Feel For All Players

Srixon Z65 irons

The new Srixon Z65 irons lineup gives players of all levels a classic look and forged feel. Each iron shares similar features while offering their own, unique characteristics. Alone or combined, the three models can please everyone from the traditionalist to the distance, forgiveness-seeking crowd.

Common Features in Srixon Z65 Irons

Each model features a new Tour V.T. Sole improving turf interaction, which benefits everyone from the weekend hacker to the tour level player. Upgraded from the Z45 series, the new sole features a V-shaped profile which reduces turf interaction at impact. Less surface area at the toe and heel sections helps the club move better through the turf. Golfers will especially notice this improvement on shots catching grass before the ball. Srixon also adds relief to the back side of the sole.

Srixon also makes the grooves 5 percent larger, increasing ball friction at impact. The outcome creates more consistent launch and spin characteristics, especially in wet conditions. Finally, the Srixon Z65 irons flaunt forged heads made from 1020 carbon steel.

Srixon Z65 irons


Despite being labeled game-improvement irons, the Z565s are decidedly smaller, have less offset, and thinner top lines than typically seen in this category. The thin SUP10 face insert provides distance and forgiveness, allowing the face to flex more at impact. The hollow cavity behind the club face, which is not used in the other two models, raises the launch angle. Low handicap players may choose to use the Z565 in long irons to help hit more par 5s in 2.

Srixon Z65 Irons

Z765 and Z965

Both the Z765 and Z965 are primarily geared to the low handicapper with subtle differences between the two. The Z765 maintains the compact look and thin topline with minimal offset but provides slightly more forgiveness and less spin. The Z965’s are a true muscle back, allowing blade lovers to experience slightly more workability and spin. They are also slightly smaller than the Z765. Golfers also combine these models into a combo without noticing too much difference between looks at address or performance.


In the market for a new set of irons? The Srixon Z65 irons hang with any iron in their respective category.


Tight Lies

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Handling Tight Lies And Soft Conditions

Tight Lies

Many people struggle with hitting a golf ball well if it’s not in a perfect lie. This wonderful game, however, is not played from a perfect lie every time. A couple of imperfect lies that many golfers struggle with is facing tight lies or very soft conditions. Both are difficult to play from without practice or experience. The hardest thing about playing from either position is that there is little margin for error. If not hit well, the consequences could be disastrous. Let’s look at the definition of each lie first and then look at how you can get better at each situation.

Tight Lies

Tight Lies

Tight lies are positions where only a little to no grass is under the ball. For example, the grass is cut short, or the ground is hard under the ball. Finding these positions in a short cut fairway, a bare spot in the rough, or on the cart path are the most common. To be successful in this position, near perfect contact is necessary. Contacting the ground too far behind the ball causes the club to bounce off of the ground, striking the ball toward its equator. This motion causes the ball to travel on a low trajectory with very little backspin. The ball also continues to roll after hitting the ground. The same result occurs if swing shallow, trying to pick the ball off of the tight lie. It’s hard to get under the ball.

Tight Lies

Soft Lies

A soft lie is finding your ball on wet ground, or the grass is longer compared to the fairway. Just as in a tight lie, perfect contact is necessary to be successful. Hitting too far behind the golf ball when the ground is wet causes the club will dig into the ground too much. A major loss of distance usually occurs as a result. It is very easy to swing under the ball that is sitting on top of any longer grass. A majority of the time, the ball pops straight up into the air.

How Can You Handle These?

If you are facing either of the shots above, be as still as possible with your head position. Practice not moving up or down throughout the swing and into impact. Raising your head up too far leads to hitting toward the middle of the ball, causing a very low trajectory. Dropping your head too far causes you to hit too far behind the ball, resulting in major loss of distance. Another suggestion to increase your success in either lie is swinging more around your body, opposed to a more upright swing plane. This helps the club to not dig in a soft condition or bounce off of the ground in a tight lie.

Tight Lies

More Tips From Our PGA Pros:

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Pinseek Using Bushnell’s Tour V4 Patriot Pack

“The average golfer’s problem is not so much the lack of ability as it is lack of knowledge about what he should be doing.” – Ben Hogan

Information is vital to success in golf, as it leads to knowledge. Arguably the most crucial to shooting low scores is knowing accurate yardages. Enter the Tour V4 Patriot Pack Rangefinder from Bushnell. This go-to equipment uses a variety of features that, when applied appropriately, give the golfer the best chance to play well. Who doesn’t love that?

Tour V4

Tour V4 Features:

  • Pinseeker with Jolt Technology
    • Usually aiming at the pin, “Pinseeker” mode makes it easier to focus on what you are aiming at instead on an object that is in the background.
    • “Jolt” technology sends out short vibrating pulses, similar to a cell phone on vibrate when it has locked onto the pin. With this, you know without a doubt you are getting the most accurate reading.
  • Range
    • The laser has a range of 5-1000 yards and is able to find the pin at 400+ yards.
    • Even with this extended range, it is accurate up to just 1 yard!
  • The 5x magnification and Fast Focus system make finding the flag a breeze!
  • Holding the rangefinder is extremely comfortable with its ergonomic design and “Stabi-Grip” technology.
  • The 2-year warranty and water resistant case make for worry-free use in any type of conditions.

The Tour V4 Patriot Pack edition includes a carrying case, silicone protective sleeve, and 3-volt CR2 battery.


As the quote at the beginning of the article illustrates, we need knowledge for success in this game. Although this is truer for the average than for the professional, we all benefit. The confidence putting this rangefinder in your bag brings is second-to-none! Providing accurate yardages in a user-friendly design, the Tour V4 finds itself at the head of the class.

Ask A PGA Professionals at GlobalGolf

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