Callaway’s Epic Run in Florida, Remembering The King


epic run in florida

Ask a golf company what makes their year successful and you’ll get a variety of answers. Generally, they’d say they want to increase product sales and have their staff players do well. Nearly half way through the 2016-17 season, Callaway is checking off these boxes and more! Their self-described “Epic” year continued with strong performances in Florida. Off the course, the PGA Tour paid tribute to Arnold Palmer during his tournament. This month’s Catching Up with Callaway goes in depth on the epic run in Florida.

Back  To Back Wins

adam hadwin first win

The “Florida Swing” concluded with the Valspar Championship and Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill. Each course offers unique challenges that bring out the best in the champion. Adam Hadwin made headlines earlier in the season after shooting a 3rd round score of 59 at the CareerBuilder Challenge. As sweet as that was, Hadwin’s first career win would have to wait, finishing runner-up. Fortunately, he wouldn’t need to wait long. Hadwin battled the infamous “Snake Pit,” a difficult 3-hole finishing stretch, as well as the hard-charging Patrick Cantlay for his first career victory! The win earned him a trip to Augusta in April to play in The Masters. Only one minor issue with that: newly married Hadwin needs to postpone his honeymoon, scheduled for the same weekend. His wife understands.

The following week, the PGA Tour traveled to Bay Hill Club & Lodge for the Arnold Palmer Invitational. The week was emotionally charged, being the first tournament played since the passing of The King. The tournament began with a ceremonial tribute tee shot for Mr. Palmer by each player in the field and concluded with a back-to-back win for Callaway staff players. Marc Leishman’s second career win sends him back to The Masters, a place he left in 2015 to be by his wife’s side. Battling major health issues for over a year, she received a clean bill of health in the fall of 2016. Among the clubs Leishman uses to bring home the title are the Callaway GBB Epic driver and GBB Epic fairway wood. He also used an Odyssey Versa 1W (BWB) putter to sink this 51-foot putt for eagle on the 16th hole, giving him the lead for good.

Remembering The King

As we mentioned, the Tour paid many tributes to the late Arnold Palmer during the first Arnold Palmer Invitational without the icon. Some of the best tributes were:

Morgan Hoffman’s wedges

morgan hoffman arnold palmer wedges


Marking The King’s favorite spot on the range

Arnold Palmer's bag on the range


Parking Palmer’s cart in its familiar spot by the 16th tee

arnold palmer's golf cart on 16th hole


A hand-drawn yardage book for Augusta National used by Palmer (perhaps the coolest one)

Summing Up the Epic Run in Florida

The season is going well for Callaway staff players after its epic run in Florida. They look to keep it going as the season’s first major looms large. These immortal words by Mr. Palmer will be a focal point for the remainder of the season:

“Winning isn’t everything, but wanting it is.” – Arnold Palmer


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3 Ways To Save Time And Add Excitement to Golf

Tip PGA professional Golf save time and add excitement

Ask just about anyone if they play as much golf as they would like. Most will reply with an emphatic, “No.” Taking it a step further, the most common explanation as to why they don’t is, “There just isn’t enough time.” Unfortunately, today’s on-the-go society rarely allows for frequent trips to the golf course, spending 6 hours away from other priorities.

The good news, however, is that the golf business is starting to hear these cries. The game of golf and its offerings are starting to conform to this need for a quicker, less intense experience. I’ve seen 3 main avenues being explored to save time and add excitement to golf.

Less Holes

less holes

The first, and perhaps most obvious adaptation, is playing fewer holes. More and more courses are offering discounted rates for customers who don’t have time to play 18 holes. One example is 9-hole morning and evening rates are being seen at more facilities. For those wanting to get a quick 9 in before or after work, this is the perfect way to get out and play. I’ve even heard from some that the perfect golf course design returns players to the clubhouse every three holes.  Have an hour lunch break? Hit the course for a quick 3 holes before going back to work.  The ability to easily play a round in any multiple of 3 holes is very intriguing. However, the big question would be how to manage a tee sheet to maximize on-course traffic without ending up with a major traffic jam.

Par 3 Courses

par 3 courses

Another option to play 18 holes in less time or even during the evening is a par 3 course. Many courses are now lit to allow play well into the evening. Playing 18 holes in around 2 hours can be very inviting to the regular player. For the beginner, the shorter Par 3 option eases the nerves caused by a longer, “full-length” course. Par 3 courses can be played during off hours without much pressure from other groups.

Top Golf

top golf

Finally, the golf industry is getting a ton of excitement from facilities such as Top Golf. Top Golf transforms the normally mundane time at the driving range into a true group experience. Best of all, even those who haven’t hit a ball in their life can enjoy Top Golf. These facilities, located across the country, feature multi-deck driving ranges, food, and beverage services in a relaxing atmosphere. Couches are placed behind the stalls creating a lounge-like feel, where an evening with friends can involve hitting golf balls. All range balls have a microchip in them, letting you play a variety of games. Simply choose a game, aim at the target and fire away. This fun-loving philosophy has worked to open up golf to a much larger audience.


These exciting new avenues have gone a long way in opening up the game and helping to ensure its continued success. Traditionalists who still view the game as 18 holes on a regulation course should not fret. Golf is still going to be around and will prosper. These new ways to save time and add excitement easily introduce more people to the game we love.

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PING GMax Irons: Distance and Forgiveness To The Max

ping gmax irons

Players needing forgiveness on the golf course gravitate to the PING GMax irons. PING is renowned for their innovative club design. The GMax irons carry on this tradition, delivering exceptional performance and game improvement features.

PING GMax Irons – The Features

COR-Eye Technology

ping gmax COR-eye technology

The Ping engineers lace the GMax irons with COR-Eye technology. The new technology increases face flexing for faster ball speeds across the entire face, generating greater distance. In fact, COR-Eye technology delivers 3 mph more ball speed than previous PING irons.

PING uses a special heat treating process in the 4-8 irons. The process makes the material 40% stronger, letting engineers use less material on the face. The face flexes more and greater ball speeds result, creating their longest, straightest iron ever.

Wide Sole

gmax irons wide sole

The GMax’s wide sole design moves the center of gravity, CG, low and back on the club. The player’s shot gets a higher trajectory on approach shots, which allows the ball to stop sooner on the green. The sole also has a better leading edge, more trailing edge relief, and sophisticated bounce. Combining these elements lets the club get through the turf better, helping eliminate heavy and thin shots.

 Other Notable Traits

ping gmax iron swing weights

The GMax irons have progressive swing weights as you move through the iron set. Long irons are generally more difficult to hit. PING addresses this by making them lighter, giving the golfer time to get the club square at impact. As you approach the wedges, the clubs have a more traditional swing weight. GMax irons also have longer blade lengths and more offset. Bigger blades increase forgiveness by giving you more surface to hit.

The Wrap Up

Together, these advanced features make the Ping GMax irons a game improvement game changer. Be sure to consider them when purchasing new irons. They are sure to deliver.

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