No Time To Practice? Use Game Golf To Lower Your Scores!

Looking to improve your golf game? Who doesn’t, but the problem is time. We don’t all have 8 hours a day to spend on the practice tee. So, when you find the time, you need to practice smart. Enter GAME GOLF. This simple yet, advanced game tracker is as close as you’re going to get to a personal coach with PGA Tour statistical access.

What you’ll receive is a box that contains the tracking device, 18 tags for your golf clubs (they’re smart, they know you carry more than 14 clubs), a USB cable and a protective pouch for after the round. Attach the tags to your clubs, turn on the tracking device, clip it on and tee off. Before you hit your shot all you have to do is hold the club’s tag to the device, until it vibrates to indicate you’re good to go. It’s that easy. The tracker magically does the rest; records where you are, what club you’re using and how fat far you hit it.

You can now re-live any recorded round of golf forever! Your round is chronicled so you can dive in and see how you did and where you can do better. It also provides a momento of a special round at a great golf course, like Bandon Dunes. You can re-live that once in a lifetime moment. Especially that birdie I made on #2!

Think you have bragging rights with your latest round? Go ahead and share it with your friends and family and the entire GAME GOLF family! Let others see that terrific 323 yard drive. You can also see your friends’ latest round.

tee shot dispersion
Use the GAME GOLF for a few rounds to collect stats and you’ll be off and running. This great tracker does more than just gather basic stats. It calculates mathematical trends over time in ALL statistical areas, and then presents them in a way that educates, not just displaying pretty little graphs. Go as deep as you want with your stats; percentage of  fairways hit , 3-putt percentage, or shots hit within 5 feet from 15-200 yards. It’s THAT good. And you can see all those stats on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

There’s no annual fee or subscription. You’ll get free updates and a 30-day money back guarantee. This game tracker will take your game to the next level, so buy it now. Or if you want to win one enter here!

Below are a few more screenshots of what you can expect to see when tracking your results.
approach shot dispersion

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Callaway X Hot N14: Forgiveness and Playability


The Callaway X Hot N14 driver pairs together the Callaway’s Speed Face technology with strategically placed internal club weighting and an all titanium design to deliver more ball speed, a larger sweet spot for improved forgiveness and consistently longer distance. This lightweight 460cc driver features the highly engineered thin Speed Face and improved internal club weighting which increases forgiveness by reducing hooks and slices and allows players to launch the ball higher with less backspin for optimal ball flights. The Callaway N14 driver is available in 9.5 and 10.5 degrees of loft.

Key Features
  • Speed Face technology offers a highly engineered all titanium driver face and it delivers faster ball speeds, a larger sweet spot and incredible forgiveness.
  • Improved internal club weighting which increases forgiveness by reducing hooks and slices and allows players to launch the ball higher with less backspin for optimal ball flights


The Callaway X Hot N14 fairway wood features the same great technology found in the driver.  It has a modern sole to create more distance and versatility and it produces a perfect trajectory from every lie, tee, fairway or rough. The Callaway X Hot N14 fairway wood is available as a 3-wood, with 15 degrees of loft, or a 5-wood, with 19 degrees of loft.


The Callaway X Hot N14 iron carries on the success of the original X Hot. The X Hot N14 head design features Deep Undercut Cavity technology which improves the amount of face flex and rebound creating increasing ball speeds across the face with exceptional distance. In addition this iron has improved perimeter weighting and a lower sweet spot which allows for a higher ball launch and quicker stopping power. The X Hot N14 is a clean looking iron that is incredibly forgiving. This iron set is comprised of a four through pitching wedge and approach wedge.


The Callaway X Hot N14 Combo iron set features X Hot N14 hybrids as long iron replacements and X Hot N14 irons for the mid and short irons. The Callaway X Hot N14 Combo iron set has hybrids that complement the clean looking X Hot N14 iron making this set incredibly forgiving.  This iron set is comprised of a three and four hybrid, and a five through pitching wedge.

If you’re looking for forgiving golf clubs at a great price, these are the ones you’ll want to go with. They’re only found at a few select retailers, luckily we happen to be one of them.

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PGA Tour Caliber Wedges You Can Play: The Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind Wedge


With Roger Cleveland as the brain child behind this wedge, you know it’s going to be the very best it can be. Callaway has taken the success of the X-Forged wedge and Mack Daddy 2 wedges with feedback from the top players in the world (Phil Mickelson and others) and created a wedge with ultimate precision and control.

The Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind wedge is forged from ultra-soft, 1020 carbon steel giving the feel and feedback needed to control shots from any lie on the golf course. The chrome finish has a soft, almost flat, finish that does a great job of reducing glare. The slate finish is pre-oxidized ensuring that the sun won’t create a glare.

The wedge design has a straighter leading edge, a slightly higher toe with relief near the heel and toe lending to better turf interaction. All of these enhancements provide flexibility when opening the club.  It reduces bounce allowing the leading edge to get below the ball during the swing.

The grooves in the Mack Daddy 2 wedge were just scratching the surface with how much spin Callaway was able to produce. Now with some understanding and time to conform to the USGA groove rule, they’ve found a way to create 39% larger grooves for an increase of 25% more spin out of the rough. The new grooves are laser milled micro grooves that increase the roughness on the face.

“Tour pros love how we’ve combines the popular shape and straighter leading edge with the more aggressive mack daddy 2 groove technology. It’s a club they can really use to attack those delicate short game shots.” Roger Cleveland, Chief Designer

The wedges are available in the following options.






The Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind wedge inspires confidence allowing you to attack the golf ball from any lie; green-side rough, tightly mown collars, even bunkers. They produce un-matched feel, control, and trajectory. So, it’s easy to see why tour players have put them in play immediately. What are you waiting for?

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