3 Ways to Keep Your Game Sharp During The Golf Off Season

golf off season

Avid golfers know there is no golf off season. There is always something to work on to keep our game sharp. During winter months, most of that work is done off the course. Here are 3 things you can do off the course this golf off season to avoid any drop off in your game.

Ways To Stay Sharp This Golf Off Season


Jason Day visualizeMuch success in golf focuses on visualization, and winter is a great time to work on your visualization skills. I once read about a study conducted regarding shooting free throws in basketball. In this study, a group was asked to simply visualize shooting and making free throws for a couple of hours per day. In the end, it was discovered that this group was actually able to improve their free throw shooting with nothing but visualization.

Applying this technique to putting can have the same positive effect. Take some time each day and visualize sinking a 10-foot putt. Picture yourself standing over the ball and making a smooth stroke through the ball. See the ball roll straight and true, falling into the cup. Not only can this improve your actual putting stroke, it improves your ability to visualize on the course and contribute to more success on all shots.

Physical Conditioning

A second way to improve your game during the golf offseason is through physical conditioning. Conditioning addresses issues that affect your swing and performance. For the purpose of this post, I’m focusing on the flexibility portion of conditioning. Increasing your flexibility helps you can make a free swing and generate more clubhead speed.

Find time each day to go through a stretching routine that you can take to the course as a part of your warm-up routine. Focus on stretching the major muscles you use playing; legs, back/core, and arms.

You can also take time to get to the gym to strengthen your core, lose or gain a few pounds, or just get in better shape in general.

(Bonus tip: pass the time on the treadmill or elliptical working on your visualization technique.)

Get Your Clubs Checked

lie and loft machine

Finally, the golf off season is a great time to visit your local PGA Professional to get your club’s loft, length, and lie angle checked. Your club’s specifications will change with use, especially if you have a softer, forged club. Your game/swing can also change from the beginning to end of the season. The lie angle affects ball flight and loft needs to be correct to eliminate distance gaps. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your clubs still fit you and your swing.

Having your clubs adjusted (if needed) starts you off on the right foot for the upcoming season.

You Now Have Your Golf Off Season To-Do List

Cold weather makes it virtually impossible to get outside to work on your game. There are indoor things you can do during the golf off season to get ready for the next season. Work on visualization, flexibility, and get your clubs in for a check-up.

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Cobra King F8 Irons: Get Connected, Improve Your Game

king f8 irons

Golfers and technology have been intertwined for some time. This technology is seen in various facets of the game, from GPS devices to how and what clubs are made of. Cobra Golf has been a leader in the blending of technology with their products. The Cobra King F8 irons are the company’s most innovative clubs, to date. We go over the improvements that have been made over previous irons and the exciting, new features of the F8 irons.

Cobra King F8 Irons

Cobra Connect

cobra connect king f8 irons

The Cobra Connect sensor, powered by Arccos, first appeared in the King F7 drivers. It tracks shot distances and stats, sending wirelessly to your smartphone for analyzing. Now, Cobra is offering that technology in the King F8 irons.

New sets come with Cobra Connect sensors in the grip to track every shot with every iron using the Arccos 360 app. To make the deal even better, when you buy a new set of King F8 irons, you’ll receive extra sensors for your woods, wedges, and putter (a $250 value). With sensors on every club in your bag, you’ll be able to track your performance and find where you can improve.

TECFLO Technology

The Cobra King F8 irons upgrade the TECFLO technology from the King F7 irons. As a reminder, Cobra’s TECFLO technology progressively designs each head for the best launch and spin characteristics.

Head Construction

king f8 irons progressive head design

Cobra King F8 irons, like the King F7s, have 3 sets of clubhead construction. They range from fully-hollow to cavity back designs. The King F8 4-7 irons feature full, hollow construction for high launching shots. Moving to the 8-PW, a cavity back design allows for pin-point approach shots and consistent launch conditions. The gap and lob wedges feature a more traditional, blade-like design with a small cavity for added forgiveness and precision near the green.

Progressive Spin

king f8 irons grooves

The grooves on each set (as described above) of King F8 irons are optimized for spin. Long irons have milled V-grooves to lower spin allowing for more distance.  Mid-irons rock milled U-grooves, providing ball flight control and accuracy. Lofted wedges have milled U-grooves which are packed tighter together for max spin and precision on shots around the green shots.

Other Features

king f8 irons pwrshell_face_tech

The 4-7 irons feature Cobra’s PWRSHELL with E9 Tech faces. PWRSHELL creates more ball speed with a 20% thinner face that flexes at impact. E9 Tech is a variable face thickness feature that gives more ball speed on mishits. Shots struck away from the sweet spot aren’t penalized as much.

Carbon fiber medallions on the back of the irons produce better sound and feel. The lightweight material also lowers the CG for high launching shots.

F8 One Length

Cobra returns the One Length option in the F8 line. The King F8 One Length have the same tech as their variable length counterparts. The clubs are all 7-iron length and weighting, for consistent swing and feel in every iron.

king f8 one_length_hybrid

New to the F8 One Length set is the ability to create a combo set. Cobra developed one length hybrids to blend seamlessly with the irons.

How Will Your Game Improve

The design upgrades in the Cobra King F8 irons make them a solid performing game-improvement club. Using Cobra Connect for every club in your bag is going to help you improve your game even more.

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Wilson Staff C300 Driver: Power Up

wilson staff c300 driver crown

Driver innovation has come a long way over the years, with changes that hadn’t been seen before. Notable changes include bigger heads, adjustable hosels, and weight ports on the sole. Wilson Golf’s latest driver, the Wilson Staff C300 driver, also has some never-before-seen technology. The features on the C300 driver are designed to, as Wilson says, “Power Your Play.”

What has Wilson come up with? Read on to discover more about the C300 driver.

Wilson Staff C300 Driver Features

Power Holes™

wilson staff C300 Driver Exploded

The Wilson Staff C300 driver has an industry first for metal woods, Power Holes™. This proprietary technology creates a bigger sweet spot, consistent performance, and more ball speed across the face. Golfers know how more ball speed gives them more distance. Designers accomplished this in a unique way, with holes.

There are 2 through holes on the crown and 2 on the sole, filled with urethane. These holes let the face flex more at impact. The energy from the flexing gets transferred to the golf ball, giving it more ball speed. According to Wilson, the holes increase the flex of the face by 13.8% (versus a club face without Power Holes).

Power Holes technology is not new to the company. Wilson first used it in their C200 irons. They expanded it to their “distance” irons and recent “crossover” irons. Placing holes in the woods has never been done before in the industry.

Sole Adjustments

The C300 driver has 3 sole weights that let you optimize your ball flight. There are 2 6-gram weights and 1 2-gram weight. Moving the weights promotes a draw, neutral, or fade bias. Place the lighter weight in the toe, back, and heel positions to get those ball flights (respectively).

Wilson Staff c300 driver weight positions

Fast Fit Technology 3.0

Wilson Staff c300 driver adjustability

Fast Fit Technology 3.0 is Wilson’s adjustable hosel. Made of lightweight, durable aluminum, the hosel lets you adjust the club down 1 degree or 2 degrees in 0.5-degree increments. Combining the different weight and loft options, there are 54 unique set-ups to get the club dialed in for you.

Other Features

The Wilson Staff C300 driver has a rich matte red finish that keeps the glare off when it’s sitting at address. The crown also has a subtle Wilson shield logo that helps with alignment but doesn’t distract you.

The stock shaft is the Fujikura Speeder Pro 58. It is a mid-weight shaft that produces mid spin and launch characteristics. The chart below gives more details on the stock options.

wilson staff C300 Driver Specs

Wilson also offers 14 premium shafts that you can upgrade to for free.

 The Power Is In Your Hands

 When the Wilson Staff C300 driver comes out in early 2018, make sure you give it a swing and see how it can #PowerYourPlay.

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