Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver
What’s better than hitting more fairways with greater distance and more accuracy? The new Callaway Big Bertha Fusion driver offers just that; a fairway hitting machine designed with a distinctly higher level of forgiveness and easier launch than its ancestors. Callaway draws from its understanding of carbon material technologies in clubhead construction to create a club that is truly “fusing” the best they have to offer. Hence, re-introducing the “Fusion” name is well deserved.

Unique Features:

Exo-Cage and Triaxial Carbon

CallawayBig Bertha Fusion Driver Technology

Key differences between this incarnation and those previously set forth work together to produce Callaway’s most forgiving driver ever. First, the Titanium Exo-cage makes up the majority of the body of the Fusion driver. Pairing with the exo-cage is the new, ultra-light and incredibly strong Triaxial Carbon material in the crown and dual sole plates. Triaxial Carbon is an intertwined carbon fiber that is 65% lighter than titanium. Weighing in at only 10.5 grams, it allows for a weight savings of 35 grams in the club head. Callaway “fuses” these two elements and redistributes the saved weight extremely low and far back in the club head and sole. This pushes the center of gravity away from the face and thereby significantly increases forgiveness and launch.

Head Shape

The new head shape in the Big Bertha Fusion driver is deeper (elongated) from the face to the back of the crown, further increasing MOI. The golfing world first saw this look in 2010’s FT-iZ driver (below, left). Resulting in faster head speed, the Speed Step crown on the Big Bertha Fusion (below, right) improves aerodynamics and reduces drag as air flows over the crown.

Big Bertha Fusion

Club Face

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver Club Face

Callaway’s next generation R-Moto face technology, a familiar presence in recent models like the V-Series and XR 16, provides an increase in mishit forgiveness. This new version delivers faster ball speed by expanding forgiveness areas from high on the toe to low on the heel of the face.

Shaft Length Options

Callaway uniquely offers two stock club lengths in the Big Bertha Fusion driver. One is a commonly standard 45.5 inches while the other is an inch shorter at 44.5 inches. Shaft length is an integral part of driver fitting. Getting the right length optimizes your distance, accuracy, consistency of strikes, and control. Shorter lengths, seen in the bags of many PGA Tour players, add control, consistency and increase smash factor for higher ball speed at impact. Longer shaft lengths produce higher swing speeds, resulting in more distance. On the other hand, the longer length can affect accuracy and clubface strike patterns. Being fit into the longest shaft length you can control on a consistent basis is vital to becoming successful off the tee.

Loft & Shaft Options

The men’s Big Bertha Fusion driver offers heads with 9, 10.5, and HT 13.5 degrees of loft. The women’s version features a 10.5 and HT 13.5 lofted head. Callaway’s Opti-Fit hosel allows for adjustments of -1, +1, +2, and a draw bias to the standard printed loft. The UST Recoil ES 440/450 and a Mitsubishi Diamana M+ Red 60 are stock shaft options. The UST Recoil shaft offers power and precision through an optimal load and energy transfer in the downswing. The Diamana M+ Red shaft showcases a firm mid-section and soft tip section to promote higher launch and low spin.

3D Version (WOW!)

Callaway has found a way to bundle forgiveness and accuracy into an attractive package with the Big Bertha Fusion driver. Getting this bad boy on the course should be a priority for those of us struggling to find the fairway!

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How To Add Versatility To Your Golf Shots

Tip PGA professional Golf

In the game of golf, no two shots are alike. Uphill, downhill, into the wind, and shooting over water can all be factors when considering your next shot type. When asked what they hit from 150 yards, great players will not have an exact answer. They have learned to hit a variety of clubs a specific distance based on the situation they are facing.

Unfortunately, many of us look only at the distance and ask ourselves, “What club do I need to hit that distance?”


Start on The Range

A great way to increase your options on the course is hitting shots to a specific distance on the range with different clubs. My students perform a drill by hitting 10 shots with 4 different clubs to the 150-yard target.  They quickly learn two important things:

  1. Controlling the length of their swing to affect the distance the ball will go.
  2. Seeing how the different clubs produce the same result despite the shot looking different.

You can continue this drill with longer and shorter yardages. Don’t feel stuck at the tee box either. Dedicate a portion of your range time to the short game area, if your range has it. Hit shots in the bunker and from the rough using different clubs. Practice sidehill lies too. Figure out how a 5 iron works with the ball below your feet versus 9 iron. Should your range not have a short game area, go to an empty end and practice. Remember to exercise caution when doing this. Your day gets ruined quickly after getting hit with a golf ball!

tiger-sand-shot seve-in-the-weeds masters_mickelson

Take It To The Course

Once you have a better understanding of how to be creative with your shot making, you are ready for the course!  That long bunker shot, escaping tall fescue or shot around a tree will not have the same effect on you as it previously did. This confidence and ability will help lower your score in no time!

You Got This!

With practice, you will be able to better hit the needed shot in any the situation that you find yourself in.

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New Titleist Putter: The Cameron and Crown Line

New Titleist putters

“Each year, I’ve received increasingly more requests – from men, women and juniors – for 33-inch putters. We wanted to call special attention to the importance of weight and length and create a unique offering for those players whose setup dictates a 33-inch putter.”

– Scotty Cameron, Titleist Master Putter Maker

In the new Cameron and Crown line, Scotty Cameron addresses golfers that need to have a shorter length putter. The line offers a range of heads to fit different desires in looks and stroke. To be clear, these putters are not simply a 35-inch putter that is cut to length. They are specifically designed to be 33 inches. The head and sole weights beautifully balance this newest addition to the Cameron putter family.

New Titleist Putter Models

The Cameron and Crown putters are available in the Select Newport 2, the Select Newport M2 Mallet, the GoLo 5, and the Futura X5R.

Newport 2

Cameron and Crown Select Newport 2 Putter

The Cameron and Crown Select Newport 2 features a heel and toe weighted head and plumber’s neck. The head and face inlay are made of 303 stainless steel, which creates a very responsive feel.

  • Stroke Style: Arc Putting Stroke
  • Dexterity: Right and Left Hand

Newport M2

Cameron and Crown Select Newport M2 Mid-Mallet Putter

The Cameron and Crown Select Newport M2 mid-mallet features a 303 stainless steel body, 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum face-sole technology, and flowing single-bend shaft. Notable with this model is the pop-through sight line. It is crossed, making alignment easier.

  • Stroke Style: Slight Arc Putting Stroke
  • Dexterity: Right


Cameron and Crown GoLo 5 Putter

The Cameron and Crown GoLo 5 boasts a body made from 303 stainless steel with 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum sole plate. Combining the two metals subsequently gives responsiveness and a soft feel at impact. The pop-through and perpendicular sight lines make aligning this putter a breeze.

  • Stroke Style: Slight Arc Putting Stroke
  • Dexterity: Right

Futura X5R

Cameron and Crown Futura X5R Putter

The body of Cameron and Crown Futura X5R is made of 303 stainless steel. This wingback design leads to a higher MOI and therefore forgiveness. Cameron places an aluminum flange on the sole. The flange adds weight distribution and forgiveness to the putter.

  • Stroke Style: Straight Back and Through Putting Stroke
  • Dexterity: Right

Titleist Scotty Cameron Matador Grip

The final notable feature in this line of new Titleist putters is the white Matador grip. This grip is smaller in diameter when compared to the Matador grips that are used on other Scotty Cameron putters. The smaller grip is better, traditionally, on a shorter putter matching the feel, weight, and performance.


If you’re in need of a Titleist putter that is 33 inches, look no further than the Cameron and Crown line. The care and craftsmanship shine as bright as the jewels on a crown.

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