Top Golf Gifts for the 2014 Holiday Season

1. Belts

Most men can always use another belt. They tend to latch onto one and never stray. There are plenty to choose from; Nike, Puma, Oakley, and more. Just make sure to select a length one or two size larger than their actual pant size.

2. Putters

Ahhh man’s best friend, or not……From personal experience one can never have too many putters (I tend to believe it’s the arrow and not the Indian). There’s a vast selection of putters available on the market today. Some are milled, some have inserts, some are blades, and some are mallets. There’s something for everyone!

3. Headcovers

Headcovers are a great way to show off sporting teams. Having a collegiate or NFL headcover lets everyone know who you’re rooting for. If you’re looking to replace a headcover that was lost on the golf course, odds are we have the exact one you’re looking for.

4. Rangefinders

Want to take the guess work out of the game? Rangefinders are a great way to confirm yardages on the golf course. Most don’t require a subscription or annual fee, and are available in many different designs. If your golfer is traditional check out the IZZO Swami 4000 GPS or if they’re a little sporty take a look at the Bushnell NEO XS GPS watch.

5. Sunglasses

Eye protection and sunscreen should go hand in hand. Both do a great job at protecting from harmful rays. Oakley sunglasses are trendy and have stylish frames that not only look good, but protect the eyes during those hot sunny days.

6. Iron Sets

Every golfer loves a new iron set. You may have to do some digging around to see what brand or model they want, but it’ll be worth it. The reaction you’ll get will be priceless. Don’t forget to check out our mint used golf clubs to save a few extra dollars.

7. Golf Bags

Golf bags are available in many different sizes. If your golfer rides a cart then you’ll want to choose a cart bag. They‘re a little bigger in size, featuring plenty of pockets for storage. If your golfer walks, you’ll want to be sure to get a stand golf bag. They’re nice and light, perfect for walking and lugging around all 18 holes. Don’t forget the travel golf bag for those that travel.

8. Gift Cards

This is the perfect gift for the golfer who has it all. They know what they want and when they want it, they get it. Get them a gift card and they won’t have to spend a dime of their hard, cold cash next time they get the itch!

9. Drivers

It’s always a surprise to open up a box and see a new driver. With all of the new technology packed into clubs these days, your gift recipient may just need an update! Take a look and get lucky by finding one in our Open Box selection.

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What’s the Difference? TaylorMade RSi 1, RSi 2, RSi Tour Preferred Irons


TaylorMade is welcoming three new iron sets to its already impressive lineup. The RSi 1, RSi 2, and RSi TP. Each iron offers slight, subtle differences geared toward a different kind of player. While they may look different, they’re all packed with some great new and innovative technology.

TaylorMade has taken their innovative Speed Pocket technology and put it into the face of their new irons with the Face Slot. The new Face Slot technology makes the RSi the longest iron (distance-wise), even when you miss the sweet spot. The Face Slots are located near the toe and heel of the clubface, just outside the groove pattern.  They provide uniform flexion across the entire face. This uniform reaction protects the ball speed on off-center hits to generate more consistent distance. Aside from the Face Slot, you’ll notice they still have Speed Pockets with ThruSlot technology that help on shots struck low on the clubface by increasing the launch and ball speed.

Here are the differences you need to know:


TaylorMade RSi 1 Iron Set – Face Slot Technology
  • Improved Speed Pocket with ThruSlot Technology in the 3-7 irons
  • Face Slot Technology in the 3-8 irons
  • Advanced Face Design with a thin face and deep undercut with Inverted Cone Technology
  • Learn more about the TaylorMade RSi 1 iron here


TaylorMade RSi 2 Iron Set – Forged and Tungsten Construction with Face Slots
  • Improved Speed Pocket with ThruSlot Technology in the 3-7 irons
  • Face Slot Technology in the 3-8 irons
  • Progressive Multi-Material Construction
  • Learn more about the TaylorMade RSi 2 iron here


TaylorMade RSi Tour Preferred Iron Set – Forged Tour Iron with Face Slots
  • Face Slot Technology
  • Two Piece Welded Construction
    • Forged Carbon Steel Face and Hosel
    • Stainless Steel Back Bar with Sole Slot and Undercut
    • Minimal Offset and Thin Topline
    • This will be the #1 Tour iron for PGA Tour staffers

Now that you’ve seen the differences, you hopefully will find yourself fitting into one of these sets. If you have any questions, comment below and we’ll help you out.

Want to see the differences between TaylorMade’s drivers? Click here.

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Seeking Low Spin and Forgiveness from a Driver? The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 is the Answer!


With the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver, Callaway has addressed a big issue with low-spin, high-distance drivers. The major problem with these drivers was the lack of forgiveness. Since manufacturers have found a recipe for distance (high-launch, low-spin), forgiveness HAD to be sacrificed.  Although the majority of golfers were getting longer off the tee, they were also getting deeper into the woods.


Callaway has found a way to lower spin rates by using a forged composite crown, which actually saves weight to be reposition lower in the clubhead to create more forgiveness. Combine the forged composite material with a Gravity Core for an adjustable center of gravity (CG). The result of these two technologies is a powerful combination: long and straight with consistency.


They’ve also developed a lighter and thinner clubface with a new technology called RMOTO. This advancement provides another weight saving structure that allows an ultra-thin face to maintain stability and enhance the energy transfer from the golfball to the face (known as the smash factor).  The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver is the only club on the market with this technology.

The Alpha 815 driver also features two moveable weights, weighing 7 and 1 grams each. These weights can be moved in conjunction with Callaway’s OptiFit hosel to adjust for a draw, fade or neutral bias shot shape. They are now offering multiple premium shafts options at no up charge, making it even easier (and less expensive) to fine-tune your game.


Just as the name indicates, this driver is to be reserved for the experts! The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond driver is designed with the lower handicappers in mind. These golfers tend to have higher swing speeds and produce consistency with clubface contact.

As mentioned above, The RMOTO technology makes for a lighter and more stable clubface, allowing for Callaway to move weight lower in the clubhead to reduce spin. They’ve also added a TALLER Gravity Core, and because of that they’ve redesigned the shape of the golfclub. The re-designed club has a deeper clubface and taller crown that better players prefer to see in the address position. Remember, this club was designed for a better (Tour) player, and Callaway used their feedback throughout the entire process.

This driver also features Callaway’s OptiFit hosel and two moveable weights, weighing 3 and 1 grams. Just like the Big Bertha Alpha 815 driver, Callaway is offering multiple premium shafts with no upcharge. Between the RMOTO technology, the larger Gravity Core and the sleek, clean shape, the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond is the most technologically advanced driver for accomplished players on the market.

Comment below and let us know what you think about these Callaway drivers or keep learning and click here to see the other new clubs Callaway has released this year.

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