Titleist Driver Comparison: 913 D2 vs 913 D3


The Titleist 913 drivers are all about speed, distance, and performance. The faces of the drivers are actually comprised of a forged insert that creates more ball speed at impact. The face insert spreads over a larger area of the entire face versus the 910 models.


The new interchangeable rear weight coupled with the shifted center of gravity (CG) help achieve the optimal launch that everyone is looking for while also managing to reduce ball spin. This combination provides the secret recipe for longer distance.


You can fine tune the trajectory and shot shape of the 913 drivers with Titleist’s SureFit tour hosel technology. This technology was the first of its kind, allowing you to independently adjust the loft and lie. This hosel feature insures you’ll hit every drive with precision, limiting the number of fairways you miss per round.


Now for the differences…

Titleist 913 D2

  • 460cc, Full-pear shaped head translating into MORE forgiveness on mis-hits vs the D3.
  • Higher launch and more spin vs. the D3.

Titleist 913 D3

  • 445cc, Classic-pear shaped head that delivers tour-inspired workability.
  • Deeper face than the D2 allowing for additional shot and trajectory control.
  • Lower launch and less spin vs. the D2.
  • If you’re looking to hit the ball a little higher and looking for more forgiveness, go with the 913 D2.
  • If you’re looking to lower your trajectory and looking to work the ball off the tee, you’ll be better off with the 913 D3.
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Tee It Up with The Little Pro: Ch. 2


Welcome to the second tee box in our Tee It Up with The Little Pro series. As we identified in our previous post, we are going to cover all of the elements of the “Set Up” in detail to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the address position.

The 6 Essential “Set Up” Elements are:

  1. Posture
  2. Balance
  3. Ball Placement
  4. Stance Width
  5. Weight Distribution
  6. Alignment

The 4 Elective components of the “Set Up” are:

  1. Waggle
  2. Wiggle
  3. Looks at the Target
  4. Forward Press

Here is a review of Posture, which we “teed up” in our last posting…..

Posture should be as natural as possible. Normal posture has us stand perfectly erect, not slouched. A great way to gain a sense of normal posture is to address and grip the club in mid-air, standing erect with the club raised up and in front so that it is easy to get the relationship between grip, club and body. Then, lower the club to the ball with the arms and hands, measuring the distance to the ball while simultaneously tilting the straight spine forward (toward the ball) at the hips with the weight settling evenly between the heels and the balls of the feet while flexing the knees. Coincidentally, the head will naturally move a bit forward (toward the ball) and the rear end backward (out, away from the ball) as the body naturally finds it’s center. When properly postured, you should feel solid, stable, athletic, and poised to move.

There was a student of mine that was one of the most well balanced and graceful individuals on the planet. Fred Astaire loved the game of golf.

Fred Astaire didn’t walk, he glided through the grill room at Bel Air while his brown suede shoes hardly touched the floor. He was always impeccably dressed, always wore an ascot, and if he wore a jacket, there was always a handkerchief in the pocket. He was by all means a gentleman and beautiful to behold. As a golfer, he was just as graceful with great posture and balance. But he had the average golfer’s lament:

“Little Pro”, he would ask, “How do I get more distance?” He could strike the ball solidly, but he wanted to hit the ball farther, like all of us.

Fred Astaire was slightly built and blessed with exceptional grace, balance, rhythm, and timing. I concluded that he had to first feel his forearm strength at impact. To convey this feeling, I placed my foot on top of his ball and asked him to set his clubface to the back of the ball and press the handle with all his might, as he would at impact. This way, he could feel his total body strength emanating through his forearms and sequencing into his body, torso, and finally his powerful legs. He could feel every ounce of strength at impact. All the while, during this workout, Fred Astaire never perspired, never loosened his silk belt, not did he remove his ascot. He was at all times cool and balanced.

Here is a clip of Fred Astaire dancing his way through his swinging routine:

Balance is the second essential element in the “Set up”. Balance is influenced by a number of factors including Stance Width and Weight Distribution, both “Set Up” essentials that we will detail in future postings. Balance throughout the swing is influenced by the same straight spine angle that was established in Posture. The spine angle remains perfectly constant throughout the swing. There is no bobbing up and down or swaying side to side during the backswing to forward swing. The spine serves as the axis around which the body rotates during the swing.

In order to maintain this sense of balance it is imperative that every joint within the body be free, not tensed or locked. An example of what not to do would be when you lock your elbow in place in an effort hold your left arm straight during the backswing. This locking of the elbow impedes the flow of the backswing and the downswing as it restricts the natural movement of the muscles. The muscles must be in a relaxed yet athletic state and the joints free to allow the muscles to control the tension, motion, and tempo of the movements. Without this freedom, swing blockage will occur because the muscle system cannot freely swing the club from start to finish. Thereby loss of balance will surely occur.

We’ll talk about Ball Placement on the next tee. Until then, keep swinging.

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No Time To Practice? Use Game Golf To Lower Your Scores!

Looking to improve your golf game? Who doesn’t, but the problem is time. We don’t all have 8 hours a day to spend on the practice tee. So, when you find the time, you need to practice smart. Enter GAME GOLF. This simple yet, advanced game tracker is as close as you’re going to get to a personal coach with PGA Tour statistical access.

What you’ll receive is a box that contains the tracking device, 18 tags for your golf clubs (they’re smart, they know you carry more than 14 clubs), a USB cable and a protective pouch for after the round. Attach the tags to your clubs, turn on the tracking device, clip it on and tee off. Before you hit your shot all you have to do is hold the club’s tag to the device, until it vibrates to indicate you’re good to go. It’s that easy. The tracker magically does the rest; records where you are, what club you’re using and how fat far you hit it.

You can now re-live any recorded round of golf forever! Your round is chronicled so you can dive in and see how you did and where you can do better. It also provides a momento of a special round at a great golf course, like Bandon Dunes. You can re-live that once in a lifetime moment. Especially that birdie I made on #2!

Think you have bragging rights with your latest round? Go ahead and share it with your friends and family and the entire GAME GOLF family! Let others see that terrific 323 yard drive. You can also see your friends’ latest round.

tee shot dispersion
Use the GAME GOLF for a few rounds to collect stats and you’ll be off and running. This great tracker does more than just gather basic stats. It calculates mathematical trends over time in ALL statistical areas, and then presents them in a way that educates, not just displaying pretty little graphs. Go as deep as you want with your stats; percentage of  fairways hit , 3-putt percentage, or shots hit within 5 feet from 15-200 yards. It’s THAT good. And you can see all those stats on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

There’s no annual fee or subscription. You’ll get free updates and a 30-day money back guarantee. This game tracker will take your game to the next level, so buy it now. Or if you want to win one enter here!

Below are a few more screenshots of what you can expect to see when tracking your results.
approach shot dispersion

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What do you want out of a driver?

- Higher & Straighter
- Workability

See which Titleist 913 Driver fits your needs here: http://bit.ly/913D2vs913D3

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How do you get more distance?

Funny you ask! #TheLittlePro has the answer.
Find out here --> http://bit.ly/TeeItUpWithTheLittleProCh2

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Congrats to Bernhard Langer for taking it deep this past week and running away with the Sr. Open Championship!

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