Cobra Driver Comparison: Fly-Z+ vs BiO Cell +


Building off the success of the BiO Cell + Driver, Cobra Golf continues to make tremendous technological advancements within their driver category. The Cobra Fly-Z+ driver features a weight technology called FlipZone which is the first adjustable front & back center of gravity (CG) weighting system ever manufactured. With the placement of a movable weight on the sole of the club, you can change your ball flight by moving this weight vertically along the sole of the club. A forward setting will produce a penetrating ball flight with more roll, conversely a back setting will produce a more towering ball flight with more carry.

Shaft Options

Unlike the Cobra BiO Cell + driver which featured a Matrix Red Tie stock shaft and upgraded Diamana and Project X shafts, the FLY-Z+ driver will offer a Matrix VLCT ST shaft as the stock option as well as the Aldila Tour Blue, Aldila Tour Green, and Matrix White Tie shafts at no upcharge. These four options provide a broad range of choices for players of all abilities and swing types.

Color Options

Although very similar to the BiO Cell + driver, the FLY-Z+ driver features a more traditional design available in a solid black, blue, orange, white, and a limited edition green club head.

Grip Options

The stock grip is the Lamkin Ace 3Gen that’s available in five colors. However, many other custom options are available.

Key Technologies

While many things have changed, Cobra has carried over and improved many of the technologies that made the BiO Cell + such a well-received driver. These key technologies include:

Speed Channel Face

Exclusive to Cobra, this engineered trench surrounds the face to help minimize face thickness providing increased ball speeds across the face for increased distance.

Forged E9 Zone Face Weighting

Cobra’s E9 forged face removes weight from key areas across the face and hosel to increase the size and speed of the sweet spot for more distance on off-center hits.

Crown Zone Weighting

Removes weight from the crown to help re-position it low and back in the head for a low, deep CG to deliver extreme forgiveness on off-center hits.

Multi-Material Construction with Next-Generation T.O.P. Technology

Thin, Optimized, Personalized. Cobra made some advances in this area with a new Titanium 6-4 body and carbon fiber crown and sole pieces to maximize discretionary, movable weight. This allowed Cobra to position weight for maximum distance and forgiveness.

MyFly8 Smartpad Technology

Like the BiO Cell +, the Fly-Z+ driver will have eight easily adjustable loft settings (8.5, 9.0, 9.0 Draw, 10.0, 10.0 Draw, 11.0, 11.0 Draw, and 11.5). At 460cc the FLY-Z+ will be larger than then its predecessor which measured in at 440cc. One additional advantage that Cobra has over its competitors is that with this technology players can change their lofts without affecting the face angle.

Overall Impression

It’s not often that you see game changing technology introduced to the market but Cobra has certainly done so with their FlipZone technology. As technology continues to improve and custom fitting becomes more prevalent, players of all abilities should be able to have a club in their hands that is optimized for the best launch, spin rate, and overall performance that can be achieved. With great looks and performance you’ll certainly want to boost your game with the Cobra FLY-Z+ driver!


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Callaway Big Bertha Driver Comparison: V Series vs Alpha


2014 was an eventful year in the driver category for most manufacturers, including Callaway. At the beginning of the year came the highly touted re-launch of the Big Bertha name at Callaway with the introduction of two driver lines, Big Bertha and Big Bertha Alpha. Then, before you know it and likely before you were settled into one of your new Bertha’s, came the launch of the Big Bertha V Series driver in the summertime. Where did the time go? In this segment, we take a look at the V Series driver and how it compares to the Alpha so you can understand which one will fit better in your bag.


Big Bertha V Series

The Callaway Big Bertha V Series driver is all about speed. Callaway’s designers thought long and hard about how they could enhance for those that need it the most by configuring a driver that allows them to deliver the club head back to the ball faster than anything they’ve used before. There is certainly a segment of the golfing public out there, one that struggles generating enough club head speed (and as a result, ball speed), who could benefit from the overall distance driven design of the Callaway Big Bertha V Series driver .

The 460cc club head is the most aerodynamic shape to date and features an all-black head and face for a stealth look. The overall shape of the driver positions the center of gravity (CG) to produce a mid launch and spin that appeals to a wide range of players. The shape also allows for the driver to pass more aggressively through the air to increase clubhead speed and ball speed, delivering more kinetic energy to the golfball than ever before. The Hyper Speed Face creates a super large sweet spot that’s lighter, thinner and stronger than previous models and while still being capable of maintaining higher ball speeds across the entire hitting area.

With the Big Bertha V Series driver, Callaway put the golfer first when it came to design with three standard loft club heads uniquely built in their own right for separate swing styles. The lower lofted nine-degree club head is engineered with a slightly stronger player in mind (custom Fujikura Motore Speeder 565 shaft) while still focusing on incorporating lightweight components to achieve the speed and launch characteristics they desired. The 10.5 and 13.5 (HT) club heads are designed around speed challenged golfers with a super light sub-45 gram Mitsubishi Rayon Bassara E-series shaft that keeps the club’s total weight between 290 and 295 grams.


Big Bertha Alpha

The Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver incorporates Callaway’s Hyper Speed Face technology within a 460cc club head that enhances the sweet spot and increases ball speeds on off-center hits. In addition, the Big Bertha Alpha driver has two adjustable weight ports (1 gram and 7 gram). The weights are located in the heel and in the toe of the driver and can be maneuvered to affect the fade and draw bias (additional weights are available for a more fine-tune fit). The driver also has Callaway’s Opti-Fit hosel where loft can be adjusted from -1 to +2 degrees from the standard loft of the club head. The Opti-Fit hosel also has a “D” setting in the dual adjustment system that gives you a more upright setting to help with a draw.

Perhaps the most innovative feature of the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver is the gravity core system which includes a 12-gram tungsten plug that can be flipped inside the club head to allow you to adjust the backspin, independent of launch angle. This gravity core has been tested and affects backspin rates up to 400 rpm’s depending on the player.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that the Callaway Big Bertha Alpha driver does exactly what it is supposed to do – produce low spin rates; yet, it’s geared towards more talented golfers with advanced swings and the highest club head speeds (100+ mph) that are able to consistently deliver the center of the club face back to the ball. When all of these factors fall into place in one motion, the Alpha produces tremendous results. When they don’t, the Alpha can be difficult to hit (and launch) for the large majority of golfers, especially those who struggle to generate the consistent club head speed needed to deliver maximum energy transfer from the clubface to the golf ball.

However, don’t foreget that the “V” in the Callaway Big Bertha V Series driver stands for Velocity. It’s fast and produces the desired results you’re looking for.

I hope this helps you on your journey to playing better golf!


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Become A Master Pitcher: 3 Tips


This week’s AT&T Bryon Nelson features two par 5’s and six par 4’s over 450 yards, so the TPC Four Seasons Resort places a premium on ball striking and short game. PGA Tour players will be hitting a lot of long irons into greens and percentages lean towards missing the green at those distances. Missing greens places stress on the short game, so every player needs to master the pitch shot for tap-in pars. Below are a few keys to help knock it close from 50 yards and in.


Weight & Ball Position

Keep your weight an even 50/50 on each foot while positioning the golf ball towards the middle or slightly back in your stance.


Quiet Hands

Your hand position should be even with the golf ball. Start your backswing by keeping your wrists quiet to ensure you’re turning and using your shoulders during the swing.

Try thinking of your shoulders and torso controlling the swing, not your hands and arms.



Rhythm is a big key in pitching. The pace of your backswing should match the pace of your downswing.

Keep in mind that you are using your shoulders and torso to hit the shot,so the force and power your upper body provides is much greater than your arms, hence the reason you do not need a fast paced stroke.

Quick Recap

1. Weight & Ball Position – 50/50 and in the middle of your stance.

2. Quiet Hands – Let your shoulders control the swing.

3. Rhythm – Match your backswing and downswing.

As with any new motion, it’s best to practice a few times before taking it to the course. Hopefully you’ll be knocking them tight and kicking them in the hole!


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Callaway Big Bertha Driver Comparison: V Series vs Alpha - GlobalGolf Blog

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