[Review] The (Not So) Sneaky Good Skechers Go Golf Pro 2

Go Golf Pro 2 white

When you think about big name golf shoe brands, Skechers generally doesn’t come to mind. All of that is changing with the Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 spiked shoes. It is being recognized as one of the top performing shoes on the market this year. Our review looks at the features that make up this not-so-sneaky good shoe.

Skechers Go Golf Pro 2


The Go Golf Pro 2, famously worn by Matt Kuchar on Tour, is Skechers top-level tour golf shoe.With a relatively simple look and offerings in white and charcoal, the Go Golf Pro 2 provides a no-frills look that focuses on the comfort and performance over the flash.


go golf pro 2 side view

It all starts with the 5GEN lightweight responsive foam cushioning on the sole. The trademarked technology is a soft platform for the foot, creating outstanding comfort for walking. The low profile design features less of a drop between the heel and forefoot than most shoes on the market, making walking easier. For those who need additional arch support, this relatively deep shoe allows plenty of room for orthotic insoles and comfort for those with tall feet.  Finally, the U shape throat and heavily padded tongue allow for a very secure fit.

Need additional arch support? The Go Golf Pro 2 allows plenty of room for orthotic insoles and comfort for those with tall feet. Finally, the U shape throat and heavily padded tongue allow for a very secure fit.

Finally, the soft leather upper breaks in easily for comfort. If you’re playing early in the morning or in the rain, the Go Golf Pro 2 has you covered. The shoe features Skechers’ proprietary “H2GO Shield” waterproof protection plus a 2-year guarantee to keep your feet dry.


go golf pro 2 bottom

The diamond design traction plate outsole provides comfort and grip during your swing. Nine Softspikes on each foot in traditional positions adds to the stability of the Go Golf Pro 2. There are no molded spikes on the sole to get clogged up with grass, which Skechers refers to as a “quick release, full contact outsole.”

The Last Word

The Skechers Go Golf Pro 2 shoes combine simple design and coloring in a comfortable shoe perfect for walking. Try a pair for yourself and discover what the buzz is all about.

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TaylorMade Update: 4 Things You Need To Know

taylormade update

The second half of the season is in full swing. With The Open Championship on the horizon, we want to give you a quick TaylorMade update. Here are 4 things that you need to know about the company’s equipment and its staff players.

TaylorMade Update

1. Jon Rahm wins DDF Irish Open

Jon Rahm DDF Irish Open

Jon Rahm’s impressive inaugural year on Tour continued with a runaway win in Northern Ireland. The young Spaniard used his power and deft touch around the green to win by 6 strokes! Rahm used a full bag of TaylorMade clubs and one of the hot new products for 2017, TP5 ball in his win. Equally impressive is how the worst score he shot during the week was 67, which he shot Friday and Saturday. The buzz for him playing well in The Open Championship is growing louder by the day.

2. Xander Schauffele wins the Greenbrier

Returning to the course after a devastating flood canceled The Greenbrier Classic in 2016, Xander Schauffele earns his career first win. He threw this dart (above) on the 72nd hole to set up the winning birdie. Schauffele became the 9th first-time winner on Tour this season. Xander trusted the M2 2017 driver, M1 2017 3 wood, a UDI 2-iron, and P750 Tour Proto irons (4-PW) in his win. Based on that shot on the 72nd, we’d retire that PW while it’s on top.

3. Rory sticks with TaylorMade TP Juno

Rory TP Juno at Traveler's

Photo: Jonathan Wall

Since signing with TaylorMade, McIlroy has been in search of the right flatstick to game. After trying 3 putters in 4 rounds at the Traveler’s Championship, McIlroy settled on the TaylorMade TP Juno. The blade-style putter features an alignment line on top and the company’s signature PureRoll insert. The insert is designed to get the ball rolling online as quick as possible. Rory shot 64 in his first round with the putter, but time will tell if it stays hot for him.

4. “Rose Protos” spotted

Speaking of Rory, another prominent TaylorMade staffer has gotten a new set of clubs. Justin Rose posted the picture above on his Twitter account. Dubbed “Rose Protos,” these beauties look nearly identical to the set Rory McIlroy is using. The main difference between the two is the finish. “Rose Proto” irons have a shiny, chrome finish while Rory’s have a duller look. We’d love to see either of these come to retail so we can give them a try!

Now You’re Up To Date

There you have it, folks. We’ll see you next month for the next TaylorMade update.

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Apex Pro 16 vs JPX 900 Forged: Our Comparison

apex pro 16 vs jpx 900 forged

Low-handicap players tend to look for high-performing forged irons for feel and precision. Their quest usually has them considering the Callaway Apex Pro 16 and Mizuno JPX 900 Forged irons. Both of these irons definitely fit into that category, offering a bit of forgiveness and distance in a compact package. The following is our comparison of Apex Pro 16 vs JPX 900 Forged irons.

Apex Pro 16 vs JPX 900 Forged

How They Look

apex pro 16 face

Apex Pro 16 Face

Both irons feature a classic, compact blade appearance at address with relatively thin top lines. This is great for inspiring confidence in better players for workability and distance control. Both irons also have the minimal offsets and traditional lofts better players typically prefer.

JPX 900 Forged

JPX 900 Forged

The biggest difference in appearance is the finish on each club. The Mizuno JPX 900 Forged irons feature a matte finish that helps to reduce glare. The Callaway Apex Pro 16 irons feature a high-gloss chrome finish that is very traditional. When setting up with the Apex Pro 16s, the area of the face outside the grooves looks almost like a mirror. It reflects the grass and seems to almost disappear. While this can help the player focus on the center of the club, it does make the club look quite a bit smaller.

How They’re Made

apex pro 16 progressive cg

Callaway uses a “Quadruple Net Forging” process to make the Apex Pro 16 irons. The technique involves four processes to refine the club and ensures a greater consistency in the final product. This gives the Apex Pro its forged feel while enhancing forgiveness and performance. Also, behind the “Forged” logo on the back of the irons is a pocket that’s filled with different materials throughout the set. In the 3-5 irons, it’s filled with tungsten to lower the CG, increasing launch and providing some extra forgiveness. The 6-8 irons are filled with steel resulting in a middle CG. The 9 iron and wedges are left empty, similar to the MD3 wedges.

Mizuno’s approach involves their “Grain Flow forging” process for consistency. The engineers use 1025 Boron Steel in the JPX 900 Forged irons, which delivers faster ball speeds. Mizuno also uses variable face thickness to increase forgiveness. A total of 21.5 grams of weight is saved from the face and repositioned to the form Power Frame chassis. The chassis makes the club more resistant to twisting on off center hits, improving forgiveness. Instead of the weighting, like Callaway uses throughout the set, the JPX 900 Forged irons feature a cavity that decreases in size from long irons to short.

Last Thoughts on Apex Pro 16 vs JPX 900 Forged

Side by side, the Callaway Apex Pro 16 is a touch longer than the JPX 900 Forged. The Mizuno JPX 900 Forged has a slightly softer feel. Both clubs are excellent offerings for the better player. In the end, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that can end up being the difference maker for you.

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